The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Jhesu Of His Moder Was Born

For Second Advent

Words and Music: English Traditional

Note: Because Middle English contains letters not found in modern English, I've used a special font, "Junicode" created by Professor Peter S. Baker, Professor of English, University of Virginia on some pages.  I will note on the individual carol's page which ones need this font. You can obtain a copy of this font from his website Old English at the University of Virginia (select "Windows TrueType," or right click here, and then select "Save File As" to save a copy of the zipped file to your computer).  This font must be downloaded and installed before these pages will display accurately.

Source: Thomas Wright, Songs and Carols from a Manuscript in the British Museum of the Fifteenth Century (London: Printed by Richards for The Warton Club, 1856), Hymn LIX, pp. 81-82.

I may seyn to most and lest,
Verbum caro factum est.

JHESU of his moder was born,
For us he werde garlond of thorn.
And ellys hadde we ben forlorn ;
    He tok his deth for most and lest.

I xal 3ou telle good skele qwy
That he was bom of Mary,
For he deyid on Calvory,
    He tok, etc.

He wrowt us alle with his hond ;
The fendes woldyn adoun us wrong,
He bowt us ageyn with peynys strong,
    He tok his, etc.

A kerche thanne to him was fet,
A spere to his herte was set ;
Than seyde the Juwys, " have thou that !"
    He, etc.

The Juwis 3evyn hym drynk ezyl and galle,
Quan Jhesu after drynk gan calle ;
God, let us never in synne falle.
    He tok, [etc.]

Prey we to that lord so fre,
For us he deyid on a tre,
At domys day our helpe he be.
    He tok, etc.

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