The Hymns and Carols of Christmas
Jesu, The Ransomer of Man

For Christmas

Words: Jesu Redemptor Onmium. Revised from Christe redemptor gentium.

From The Primer, 1685. 

Source: Orby Shipley, Annus Sanctus: Hymns of the Church for the Ecclesiastical Year. Vol. 1. (London and New York: Burns and Oates, 1884), Appendix pp. 18, 20.

Jesu, the ransomer of man,
Who, ere created light began,1
Didst from the sovereign Father spring.
His heavenly glory equalling.

Thou light and splendour of God's mind,
The eternal hope of humankind,
Regard the prayers, which from our sphere
Thy servants pour into thine ear.

Divine Creator, bear in mind
That thou of our corporeal kind
The form assumedst heretofore,
When thee a sacred Virgin bore.

This present day does witness bear,
Sliding in the circle of the year,
That thou the world's relief alone
Descendedst from thy Father's throne.

Thee the bright stars, the seas, the land,
Thee all things under heaven contained,
In a new canticle do bless,
As author of our sweet redress.

And we, who have been washed o'er
With streams of thy most sacred gore,
The tribute of an hymn do pay
In honour of thy natal day.

To Jesus, from a Virgin sprung,
Be glory given and praises sung ;
The like to God the Father be,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

To thee be glory, Christ, who hast
Thy beams upon the Gentiles cast ;
The like unto the Father be,
And Holy Ghost eternally.

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