The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Jesu, The Father's Only Son

For Christmas
Morning Hymn from Christmas Day to the Epiphany

Words: Christe Redemptor Omnium, Anonymous, 6th Century, with notes
translated from Latin to English by John Mason Neale, 1852.

Compare: O Saviour Of Our Fallen Race and O Christ, Redeemer Of Our Race

Music: Two tunes from the Salisbury Hymnal.
Additional Music includes "Von Himmel Hoch," from Geistliche Lieder, by Valentin Schumann (Leipzig, Germany: 1539); harmony by Johann Sebastian Bach
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Source: Rev. John Mason Neale and Rev. Thomas Helmore, eds., Hymnal Noted, Part I. (London: Novello & Co., 1852), Part II (London: Novello & Co., 1856), #13 (or #33 in the Combined Edition), pp. 37-38.

Also found in George Radcliffe Woodward, ed, Songs of Syon (London: Schott & Co., Third Edition, 1908), # 20.

Titus 3. 4. "But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us."

1. a Jesu, the Father's Only Son,
b Whose death for all redemption won,
c Before the worlds, of God Most High 3
d Begotten all ineffably : 4

2. e The Father's Light and Splendour Thou, 5
f Their endless Hope to Thee that bow :
Accept the prayers and praise to day,
That through the world Thy servants pay.

3. g Salvation's Author, call to mind
h Thou took'st the form of humankind,
i When of the Virgin undefil'd,
Thou, in man's flesh, becam'st a Child.

4. Thus testifies the present day
Through every year in long array,
k That Thou, Salvation's source alone,
l Proceededst from the Father's Throne.

5. m Whence sky, and stars, and sea's abyss,
And earth, and all that therein is,
Shall still, with laud and carol meet,
n The Author of Thine Advent greet.

6. o And we who, by Thy Precious Blood
From sin redeemed, are marked for God,
On this, the day that saw Thy Birth,
p Sing the new song of ransom'd earth.

7. For that Thine Advent, glory be
O Jesu, Virgin-born, to Thee !
With Father, and with Holy Ghost,
From men, and from the Heav'nly Host. Amen.

Notes from A Short Commentary on the Hymnal Noted (London: Joseph Masters, 1852), pp.  14-15.

3. So in the Nicene Creed: "Begotten of His Father before all worlds." Return

4. All ineffably. In a manner, that is, which we cannot explain, and into which we must not inquire. Return

5. The Father's Light and Splendour. "Being the Brightness of His glory, and the express Image of His Person." (Heb. i. 2.) Return

Notes from The Words of the Hymnal Noted Complete With Scriptural References (London: J. A. Novello and J. Masters, no date, circa 1855), pp.  38-39.

a. S. John i. i4. Return

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d. Isaiah liii. 8. Return

e. Heb. i. 3. Return

f. Psalm xxv. 2. Psalm xxxix. 8. Return

g. Heb. v. 9. Return

h. Philip. ii. 7. Return

i. S. Matt. i. 25. Return

k. Acts iv. 12. 1 Tim. ii. 5. Return

l. Micah i. 3. Return

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Sheet Music from Rev. John Mason Neale and Rev. Thomas Helmore, eds., Hymnal Noted, Part I. (London: Novello & Co., 1852), Part II (London: Novello & Co., 1856), #13 (or #33 in the Combined Edition), pp. 37-38.

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Sheet Music from Thomas Helmore, Accompanying Harmonies to the Hymnal Noted. Part I (London: Novello, Ewer and Co., and Masters and Son, 1852), Part II (London: Novello and Co., Joseph Masters and J. T. Hayes, 1858), #13, Christe Redemptor omnium-Neale.

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