The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Jesu, Redeemer From On High

For Christmas
At Vespers

Words: Jesu Redemptor Onmium Quem lucis ante originem, from The Revised Roman Breviary, 1632, for Vespers and Matins on Christmas Day.
Translation by W. J. Copeland.

Music: Not Stated.

Source: William John (W. J.) Copeland (1804-1885), Hymns for the Week (London : W. J. Cleaver, 1848), pp. 58-59.

1. Jesu, Redeemer from on high,
    Who, ere the day-light shone,
Sole Offspring of His Majesty,
    Art with the Father One.

2. Thou Light of Light, His Brightness true,
    Unfailing Hope of all,
Hear, wheresoe'er to Thee they sue,
    Thy lowly servants' call.

3. Remember, Thou, Who all hast made,
    How, for Thy creatures' sake,
Thyself, in Virgin's bosom laid,
    Thy creatures' form didst take.

4. Such the glad news this festal night
    From year to year doth tell,
How from Thy Father's glory bright
    Thou earnest on earth to dwell.

5. Who this so new salvation planned,
    To Him breadth, depth, and height,
The starry choirs, the sea and land,
    In one new song unite.

6. Shall we, whose brows the hallowing stream
    Of holy Blood bedews,
As dawns Thy Birth-day's joyous beam,
    Our grateful hymn refuse ?

7. Jesu, the Virgin-Mother's Son,
    To Thee all glory be,
With Father, Spirit, Three in One,
    Through all eternity.

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