The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

In The Hallowed Manger

Words: Rev. R. E. Adderley

Music: Thomas Adams
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Source: Carol #319, Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

1. In the hallowed manger
Sleeps the Holy Child,
Love and light shine from Him,
Though the winter's wild:
Earth-storm yet may gather,
Looming large and loud,
Time has touch'd the Eternal,
Light is in the cloud.

Glory to God, hark! how the welkin rings,
And night is woo'd to mirth:
High minstrels hover on adoring wings,
And breath God's peace,
God's peace, on earth.

2. At the hallowed manger,
Bowed in faith before
Love's divinest vision,
Simple swains adore:
Still true hearts discover
That entrancing sight,
Still the Babe of Bethlehem
Leads pure souls to light. Chorus

3. At the hallowed manger,
In our Babe's pure birth,
Wistful hope is finding
Sanctity for earth:
For the light that reddened
Once that midnight sky
Flames where still that Child heart
Saves humanity. Chorus

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Sheet Music from Charles L. Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

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