The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

I Know A Kingdom Without End

Words: German Origin; Danish, Hans Chr. Sthen, ca. 1578, tr. Peter Andrew Sveeggen, 1919

Music: I Know A Kingdom, German, 16th Century
Sheet Music
Meter: 8 7 4L

Andreas Bersagel, et al, eds., The Condordia Hymnal
(Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House, 1932)

1. I know a Kingdom with-out end,
Adorned in greater glory
Than earthly gold and silver tend,
Revealed in sweetest story.

2. There lives my Lord and Savior kind,
Who is Godís Son victorious;
He loves me wholly, heart and mind,
My spiritís Bridegroom glorious.

3. A pilgrim here, to Him I go,
And soon the journey endeth;
No better aim the soul can know,
As on its way it wendeth.

4. I nothing brought the world at birth,
So humble was my station;
With empty hands I leave this world
Thro' death's grim transformation.

5. Still, I am sure that this my frame
From death again shall sever,
And rise to life in Jesus' name,
To dwell in bliss forever.

6. Then I shall reach, as I believe,
The end of tribulation
And, free from all that made me grieve,
Eternal jubilation.