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How Fairly Shines The Morning Star

For Epiphany

The Song of the Bride

Words: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, Philipp Nicolai, 1597

Translation: Unknown

Music: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, Philip Nicolai, 1599.
The melody is said to be from an older tune from Strasbourg, circa 1538.
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Meter: 887 887 48 48

Source: Lyra Davidica: or, A Collection of Divine Songs and Hymns (London: J. Walsh, et al., 1708), p. 40.

Note: The text of the first verse was hand-written, and although it was well-written, there were some challenges in making out a few letters. Any help in clarification will be appreciated. The type-set text on other pages were sometimes challenging as well. Scans of the pages are below.

1. How fairly shines ye* morning star
To grace and truth beyond compare
     Great Jesse's Offspring Royal.
Hail David's Son of Jacob's line
Thou art my King & Spouse divine
     Thou hast my heart true Loyal.
          Kind Free
In whose sweet face
Celestial grace
In full glory
Shines from his highest Story.

*Footnote. Correction of "ye" instead of "the."

2. Ah! My sweet Pearl, my precious Crown,
God and the humble Marys Son,
     Heaven's King, and Earths low-bowing.
My Heart calls thee its Lily true:
But thou art Rose and Lily too;
     With Milk and Honey flowing.
          Sweet Flood!
          Rich Food!
Hosanna, this [Sing Hosanna]
True Manna is; [Heav'nly Manna]
Angels Feasting
Its Savour with us Resting.

3. Thou Ruby fair, Bright Jasper Stone,
Deeply into my Heart pour down,
     Thy burning Streams Anointed.
Thy Golden Sea, In Love's full Tude;
While I in full swoln Joys abide.
     Thy Spousal Rib hast joyated.
          Heav'ns Rose,
I'm Sick and cry, [I am crying]
Heart wounded lie. [wounded lying]
Poor and lonely,
I can be help'd by Thee only.

Note: Or [Whose out-streaming Beauty beaming.]
It is unclear where in the text this substitution could be made.

Note in text:

What is here, and afterward (in this Song) included in Brackets, is accommodated to another way of Singing this Passage us'd among the Germans.

4. From God comes on me a Glance of Joy,
While thou with thine all-charming Eye,
     Most kindly me beholdest.
Lord Jesu dear, my precious Good,
Thy Word, thy Spirit, thy Body and Blood,
     My food thou n'ere with-holdest.
          Take me
          To thee,
Into thy Ar,ms, [Beauty charms me]
Whose Love so warms, [Love alarms me]
And me Blesses.
I come to thy Caresses.

5. My Father, Hero of Might Divine,
Before all Worlds, in Grace Inclin'd,
     Thou purpos'd to Refine me.
Thy Son to me Bethroth'd has been;
My Royal Spouse, and I his Queen;
     My life of Heav'n within me.
'Tis Life of Heav'n, [All I wanted]
So freely giv'n, [Freely granted,]
And constantly.
My Soul Praise him incessantly.

6. Force, force the Strings upon the Lyre,
And sound our Joys in full tun'd Quire;
     With Heav'ns sweet Notes Inspiring.
While I with Jesus, wondrous fair,
My Sacred Bridegroom, Sweetest Dear,
     Lye in Love Flames Expiring.
          Joy, Spring,
          Shout, Sing,
Triumphant Praise [In the Praises]
In Tuneful Layes, [Each one raises]
Tribute bringing:
The King of Glory Singing.

7. How glad am I that my Love-Prize
The Alpha and Omega is,
     First, Last, All comprehending.
I know He'll to his Praise at last
Bring me in Paradise Replac'd;
     And clap my Hands attending.
Come Fairest soon, [Come my Fairest]
My Joy, my Crown, [ Come my Dearest]
Vindicate her
Who fits thy Sion Waiter.

Sheet Music from Lyra Davidica

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