The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

How Brightly Glows the Morning-Star

For Christmas

Words: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, Philipp Nicolai, 1597; Edited Albert Knapp, 1832
Translation: Melancthon Woolsey Stryker (1851-1929) 1883, alt.

Music: Der Morgenstern. 1569,
Enlarged, Phillip Nicolai, 1599.
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Meter: 8s, 7s & 4s, P.

Source: Melancthon Woolsey Stryker, ed., Christian Chorales, For the Chapel & Fireside (New York: Biglow & Main, 1885), #145.

"Thro the tender mercy of our God, the Dayspring from on high hath
visited us."

1. How brightly glows the Morn-mg Star,
With God's full grace and truth afar,
Our day's irradiant blossom!
O tender Shepherd, David's Son,
My King upon the Heavenly throne,
Thou shinest in my bosom: --
Precious, Gracious,
Light resplendent, All transcendent,
Boundless Giver,
High and wonderful forever!

2.Shed in my inmost heart abroad,
Thou heavenly Ray! Thou Light of God!
Thy love's illumination :
That I may evermore remain
Thy Body's member, Lord, ordain
My very heart's pulsation !
No rest My breast
Can discover. Heavenly Lover !
Till it claimeth
Thee, whose love my love enflameth.

3. My Father, God, and Champion !
Or ere creation was begun.
Thou didst, in Jesus, love me.
Thy Son did me to Him betroth ;
With thankful heart I bless that oath ;
From Him can nothing move me.
Thy Wealth My Health !
Life from Heaven He hath given ;
Here, and yonder,
Ever will I praise and wonder.

4. Strike, to our God, the sounding string !
With joy our sweetest choral bring,
A world of gladness voicing !
I'll go with my dear Lord, to-day,
To-morrow, to Eternity,
In steadfast love rejoicing.
Singing, Ringing,
Jubilation, Adoration !
Laud the story, —
He, the Christ, is King of Glory !

5. Lord Jesus ! How I hail Thy name !
The First and Last, and still the same,
The End as the Beginning :
Thou, Who with life atoned my price,
Shalt take me to Thy Paradise,
Thy pierced hand-clasp winning.
Yea, Lord; Aye, Lord;
Come to meet me. Rapt to greet Thee.
Sound the warning
Soon, of love's eternal morning !

Sheet Music from Stryker, ed., Christian Chorales, For the Chapel & Fireside, #145.

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