The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Here Comes Holly

Alternate Title: Alleluia Now Sing We

Words and Music: English Traditional, Fifteenth Century

Source: William Henry Husk, Songs of the Nativity. (London: John Camden Hotten, 1868)

Compare: Her Commys Holly, That Is So Gent (Thomas Wright)
Here Commes Holly, That Is So Gent (Chambers & Sidgwick)
See Notes Under The Holly And The Ivy.

Alleluia, Alleluia,
Alleluia, now sing we.

1. Here comes Holly that is so gent,1
To please all men is his intent.

2. But Lord and Lady of this hall,
Whosoever against Holly call.

3. Whosoever against Holly do cry,
In a lepe2 he shall hang full high.

4. Whosoever against Holly do sing,
He may weep and hands wring.

Husk's Notes:

1. Gallant, pretty. Return

2. A large basket. Return

He also notes "From a manuscript of the fifteenth century."

Also found in Joshua Sylvester, A Garland of Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern (London: John Camden Hotten, 1861)

"This ancient piece is taken from Mr. Wright's early volume of Carols. The spelling has been a little modernized."

Editor's Note: The reference to "Mr. Wright" is to Thomas Wright, Songs and Carols Now First Printed, From a Manuscript of the Fifteenth Century (London: The Percy Society, 1847), Song #69, printed verbatim from a manuscript probably owned by a professional musician, and apparently written in the latter half of the fifteenth century, circa 1471-1485.

Also found in Edith Rickert, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700 (London: Chatto & Windus, 1914), pp. 262-3.

Also found in Henry Vizetelly, Christmas With The Poets (London: David Bogue, 1851). Vizetelly's footnotes are identical with those of Husk.

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