The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Heavens Bend To Kiss The Earth

Words: M. H. Glynn

Music: M. Cooney
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Source: St. Basil's Hymnal. New York: Benziger Brothers, 12th Edition.

1. The heavens bend to kiss the earth,
    In honour of this day;
The earth in ecstacy acclaims
    The reign of Christ for aye,
Around the world, across the sky,
    The tidings softly run
The stars flash forth the message bright,
    The Saviour now has come.

Hail! Prince of Princes
Lord and King!
Thy name we love,
Thy praises sing
Hosana, Hosana,
Lord and King,
Hosana, Hosana,
Lord and King!

2. The palm to-day rules o'er the sword,
    The truth has dawned on earth,
Idolatry has died the death,
    Religion has its birth.
Across the arch of night God views
    Fair Bethlehem beneath,
Where Angel choirs weave for His Son
    This joyous choral wreath.

3. We sing of Him Who'll null death's sway
    And heal the withered hand,
Who'll turn the demon's power away
    And give kind Peace our land.
We sing of Him who'll walk the sea
    And calm the raging wind,
We sing of Him Who is to be
    The Saviour of mankind.

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