The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

He Sends To The Virgin No Lowlier Angel

Annunciation of Blessed Virgin Mary, March 25.

Words: Mittit ad Virginem, Attributed to Peter Abelard, with notes and music
Translation by P. C. E., i.e. "Priest of the Church of England,"
(that is, Rev. Richard Frederick Littledale)
Compare: John Mason Neale, To The Virgin He Sends, with notes and music

Music: Not Stated

Source: Richard F. Littledale, ed., The People's Hymnal. 6th Edition (J. Masters, 1877), #243, pp. 89-90.

1. He sends to the Virgin
    No lowlier angel,
But sends her His own Might,
    His own great Archangel,
        In love for man caring.

2. And fittingly goeth
    A messenger glorious,
When grace is triumphant.
    O'er nature victorious
        In virgin child-bearing.

3. The Son, King of glory,
    Hath overcome nature.
He rules with dominion,
    And purgeth His creature
        From all sinful leaven.

4. He hurleth the haughty
    Low down from their'
On necks of the lofty
    He treadeth in power,
        The Victor from heaven.

5. The prince let Him cast out
    Rule o'er the world bearing,
And make His pure Mother
    With Him to be sharing
        His Father's empery.

6. Go forth on thine errand,
    These bounties explaining,
And draw back the curtain
    O'er Scripture remaining,
        Herald of mystery.

7. Approach now, address her,
    Say, "Hail Mary," nearing,
Say, "Full of grace art thou,"
    Say, "Be thou unfearing,
        The Lord with thee dwelleth."

8. The Maiden receiving
    That holiest treasure,
Accomplisheth thereby
Her virginal pleasure,
        And ever repelleth.

9. She beareth the tidings,
    And hearing, conceiveth,
She beareth the offspring
    In Whom she believeth,
        Him Who is Wonderful.

10. Him the great Counsellor,
    Of man the consoler,
Mighty God, Father blest,
    The next world's controller,
        Prince of Peace powerful.


The first stanza of this translation is mentioned in connection with a commentary on verses 28-29 of Psalm 68:

28 Thy God hath sent forth strength for thee : establish the thing, O God, that thou hast wrought for us.
29 For thy temple’s sake at Jerusalem: so shall kings bring presents unto thee.

See: A Commentary on the Psalms: Psalm XXXIX. to Psalm LXXX. 3d edition. (1879) by John Mason Neale and Richard Frederick Littledale, p. 391.

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