The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark To The Voices Of The Night

A Christmas Carol And Anthem

Oliver Murray Edwards (1862 - ?), 1927

1. Hark to the voices of the night,
As Herald Angels sing
From skies reflecting glory light
Above the newborn King;
Heard by the shepherds on the plain
And Wise Men from afar,
Bringing their gifts to Bethlehem
Beneath a guiding star.

2. Glory to God rang through the night,
Good Will and Peace towards men,
While like a benediction came
The answering—Amen.
And evermore on Christmas eve,
Hearts seek and find the King,
While souls of men that are in tune
Hear Herald Angels sing.

3. For matchless was God's gift of love
On that first Christmas day
When Heaven's King, His only Son,
Within a manger lay;
A helpless Babe in Mary's arms
With Angels in the sky,
And Wise Men kneeling on the floor,
With shepherds standing by.

4. Hark to the voices of the night
Wafted by Angels' wing,
From Heaven's portals down to earth
In honor of the King;
While ever through the centuries
Wise Men their treasures bring
And serve with gifts and deeds of love
And Christmas carols sing.

5. Beyond the sun, the moon, the stars,
Beyond aeons of time
The King of Kings in Glory reigns
With majesty sublime;
While Angels, gathered 'round His throne
Within the glory light,
Sang in the sky o'er Bethlehem
On that first Christmas night.

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