The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark The Triumphant Angels' Song

For the Christmas-tide

Words: English Traditional

Music: Not Stated

Source: A Selection of Carols, Pieces, and Anthems, Suitable for Christmas. (London: W. Kent and Co.; Penzance: F. Rodda, ca. 1872), pp. 32-33.

Hark the triumphant angels' song
Through heaven's vast space resounds,
Whilst echoes waft the joyful theme,
To earth's remotest bounds.

Glory to God in the highest strains,
Celestial armies sing,
Loud as the mighty thunders roar,
Their hallelujahs ring.

To shepherds as they watched their flocks,
The glorious tidings came,
This day to you behold a King
Is born in Bethlehem.

The ancient sages from afar
Saw, worshipped, and adored;
Whilst offerings of great price they brought
Unto their infant Lord.

Peace and good-will to all mankind,
Seraphic armies cry,
Hail to the heaven-born Prince of Peace,
Glory to God on high.

Oh let us join the rapturous song,
Our glad hosannas sing,
Still louder, louder swell the strain,
To hail th’ incarnate King.
                            Amen, Amen.

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