The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hark! How The Heralds of the Lord

Words: Anonymous


Source: John Sundius Stamp, ed., The Christian's Spiritual Song Book. Third Edition, Enlarged. (London: W. Brittain, 1845), No. 110, Page 40. Note that Rev. Stamp identified the songs that he had written or altered.

Good News.

1. Hark! how the heralds of the Lord
To endless joys invite us,
Proclaim the everlasting word
That to our God unites us.
They cry to all the world to come,
Your Saviour's gone before ye;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home
To glory, glory, glory.

2. Gross darkness flies before the sun,
Back to the pit retiring;
To us the glorious light is come,
With hope our souls inspiring:
Mercy and grace for all our race,
Through Jesus, is the story;
There we may see him face to face,
In glory, glory, glory.

3. Numbers increase from day to day,
In Jesu's cause uniting;
Sorrow and darkness flee away,
His love their hearts delighting.
Ethiopian lands stretch out their hands,
Hearing the pleasant story.
And thousands march from distant lands
To glory, glory, glory.

4. Lepers are cleans'd, the dead are rais'd,
The lame now walk before him,
The dumb are taught to sing his praise,
The blind see and adore him;
The black, the white, the rich, the poor,
The infant, and the hoary,
May all, through faith, a crown insure
In glory, glory, glory.

5. Then let us rally round the cross,
Despising worldly pleasure,
And gladly reckon all things loss,
For him, the hidden treasure.
Rejoice and sing, the Lord is King;
We'll cast our crowns before thee,
And make the heav'nly mansions ring
With songs of glory, glory.

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