The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hail Happy Tide

For the Christmas-tide

Words: English Traditional

Music: Not Stated

Source: A Selection of Carols, Pieces, and Anthems, Suitable for Christmas. (London: W. Kent and Co.; Penzance: F. Rodda, ca. 1872), p. 34.

Hail happy tide which thus to bless,
    The Church her tribute brings,
Arise Thou Sun of Righteousness,
    With healing on thy wings :

Spite of the Cross to welcome Thee,
    Spite of the lion's roar;
And Christ the incarnate Deity,
    With hymns of joy adore.

Accept the song in heaven thy height
    And bless the festal lay,
Which thus to Thee, true Light of Light,
    And God of God, we pray !

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