The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hail, Hail, The Beautiful Morn Hath Dawned

A Shaker Christmas Song

Source: J. P. Maclean, The Society of Shakers. Rise, Progress and Extinction of the Society at Cleveland, OH. Published in: Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications. Volume IX. The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, Columbus 1901

1. Hail, hail, the beautiful morn hath dawned
The joy of angels and men;
The star of the east, with beauty beyond
All others has risen again.
Awake, disciples of Christ, and sing,
Your robes of gladness put on,
And precious gifts and offerings bring
Our loved Redeemer to crown.

2. Not gold, nor myrrh, nor frankincense sweet
Our Savior asks from our hands,
But hearts that with love and tenderness beat
To bless and comfort his lambs.
Go seek and feed my wandering sheep,
Forgive the erring and lost,
Thus prove your love for me, and thus reap
The precious fruits of the cross

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