The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hail! Eternal Son, To Thee

Words:  George Ratcliffe Woodward

Compare: Hail! Eternal Son, To-day

Music: Gregis pastor Tityrus, from a Mosburg Gradual (1360), harmonized by G. R. W.

Source: Charles Wood and George Ratcliffe Woodward, The Cambridge Carol-Book, Being Fifty-Two Songs For Christmas, Easter, And Other Seasons (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1924)

1. Hail! Eternal Son, today
Born of Mary, Maiden ay;
Straw Thy bed, Thy pillow hay.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Domini natalia
    recolat ecclesia.

2. Angel-army, sound your horn,
Chanting on this holy morn,
'God in Bethlehem is born.'
    Eya, eya eya;
    In excelsis gloria:
    In terris concordia.

3. Shine in Eastern sky, thou Star,
Pointing to that house afar,
Wherein Babe and Mother are.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Puer idem varia
    Fecit luminaria.

4. Hitherward! Ye Princes three,
Worship Him. Though poor He be,
Lord, and King of kings is He.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    In celesti patria
    Vestra sors palacia.

5. Herdmen, leave your flocks, and run
To adore the Holy One,
God, the Father's only Son.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Qui creavit omnia,
    eius haec solempnia.

6. Ass, with ox that hauleth plow,
Fore thy Master, cradled now
In the manger, bend and bow.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Inter animalia
    Patrem parit filia.

7. Joseph, many of high degree,
King and Seer, have long'd to see
Whom thou seest on Mary's knee.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Deus, tuos visita,
    Et nobiscum habita.

8. Now, good people, all of ye,
Magnify, with Maid Marie,
Christ and His Nativitie.
    Eya, eya, eya;
    Sociate musica
    Christi Natalitia.

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