The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Glory To God On High, And Jolly Mirth

Words: Francis Quarles (1592-1644), Eclogue v (The Shepherd's Oracles)

Source: Edith Rickert, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700 (London: Chatto & Windus, 1914), pp. 212-3.

Glory to God on high, and jolly mirth
'Twist man and man, and peace on earth!

1. This night a Child is born;
    This night a Son is given;
        This Son, this Child
        Hath reconciled
    Poor man that was forlorn,
        And the angry God of heaven.
                Hosanna, sing Hosanna!

2. Now, now that joyful day,
    That blessed hour is come,
        That was foretold
        In days of old,
Wherein all nations may
    Bless, bless the virgin's womb.
                Hosanna, sing Hosanna!

3. Let heaven triumph above,
    Let earth rejoice below;
        Let heaven and earth
        Be filled with mirth,
For peace and lasting love
    Atones your God and you.
                Hosanna, sing Hosanna!

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