The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Flaming Seraphs

Words and Music: Stratton Traditional Carol
Melody and Bass from Mr. W. Cowling, Bolingey

Source: Ralph Dunstan, The Cornish Song Book (London: Reid Bros., Ltd., 1929), p. 115.

1. Hark! the music of the Cherubs,
    Bursting solemn thro' the sky!
And the band of flaming Seraphs,
    Telling wonders from on High!

2. See affrighted Shepherds gazing
    On that bright Celestial Host!
While the dazzling lightis blazing,
    And they lie in wonder lost.

3. "Cease your feats -- a joyful story --
    Unto you is born a Child.
Lo, He comes, the King of Glory;
    God to man is reconciled.

4. Yea, He leaves His blissful station.
    And descends with man to dwell;
Robes Himself with Incarnation,
    And subdues the powers of Hell."

5. Glory be to God the Father,
    Glory be to God the Son,
Glory to the Spirit ever,
    The Eternal Three in One.

Sheet Music

Note from Dr. Dunstan:

This carol has been sung at Stratton from tune 'immemorial,' so far as our fathers and grandfathers can recollect, and is stil sung there and in many other places of Strattoners foregather at Christmas. It seems to have spread to many parts of Cornwall, and our friends have taken it to Canada and other parts of North America." Mrs. Edith Jewell, Holsworthy, Devon.

The tune is here reprinted, by permission, with a slight modification of the harmony and the additional verses of the words, from the 1928 Tre Pol and Pen.

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