The Hymns and Carols of Christmas


For Christmas Day In The Morning

Alternate Title: The First Nowell

Version 2
Compare: Version 1, Version 3
and Version 4 (Dunstan)

Words & Music: Traditional English carol of the 16th or 17th century, adapted, but possibly dating from as early as the 13th Century.

Music: Henry John Gauntlett
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Source: Carol #643, Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel.

1. The first Noel, the angels say
To Bethlehem's shepherds as they lay.
At midnight watch, when keeping sheep,
The winter wild, the light snow deep. Chorus

2. The shepherds rose, and saw a star
Bright in the East, beyond them far,
Its beauty gave them great delight,
This star it set now day nor night. Chorus

3. Now by the light of this bright star
Three wise men came from country far;
They sought a king, such their intent,
The star their guide where'er it went. Chorus

4. Then drawing nigh to the northwest,
O'er Bethlehem town it took its rest;
The wise men learnt its cause of stay,
And found the place where Jesus lay. Chorus

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Sheet Music from Charles L. Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

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Music by H. J. Gauntlett from Hutchins, "Carols Old and Carols New," #643

The First Noel Arrangement by H. J. Gauntlett

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