The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Fa La Ninna, Fa La Nanna

Words: George Radcliffe Woodward


Music: Setting of Quant' dolce il vagheggiare by Charles Wood
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Source: Charles Wood and George Ratcliffe Woodward, eds., An Italian Carol Book (London: The Faith Press, Ltd., 1920), #13

1. Fa la ninna, fa la nanna,
Here the Lullaby beginneth,
By the daughter of Saint Anna
    Sung o'erJesu, while she spinneth,
And while Angels chant Osanna,
    Fa la ninna, fa la nanna.

2. "Babe, o'erhead while Seraphs carol,
    (Ne'er was heard such merry singers)
I do make thee fine apparel,
    Seemless, woven by my fingers;
So for Samuel wrought Hannah:
    Fa la ninna, fa la nanna.

3. Joseph on a day did doubt me,
    Till thine Angel, always near me,
Did reveal the truth about me,
    And suspect, did throughly clear me:
So did Daniel Susanna;
    Fa la ninna, fa la nanna.

4. By the space of winters twenty
    Twice-time told, 'twas thou who leddest
Our forefathers, and with plenty
    In the desert daily feddest
Israel with heav'nly Manna:
    Fa la ninna, fa la nanna.

5. Thine they are, I bring thee roses
    From the garden, off the way-side,
Lilies of the field, with posies,
    Tansy, pansy from the brae-side.
So, while Angels chant Osanna;
    Fa la ninna, fa la nanna.

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