The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Cornish Wassail

Version 1 - Can Wassel (Wassail Song)

 See generally Wassailing - Notes On The Songs

1. Now Christmas is comin
And New Year begin
Pray open your doors
And let us come in.

With our wassail, wassail,
Wassail, wassail,
And joy come with our jolly wassail.

2. O Master and Mistress
Sitting down by the fire
While we poor wassail boys
Are traveling the mire. Chorus:

3. This ancient house
We will kindly salute
It is an old custom
You need not dispute. Chorus:

4. We are here in this place,
Orderly we stand
We're the jolly wassail boys
With a bowl in our hands. Chorus:

5. We hope that your apple trees
Will prosper and bear
And bring forth good cider
When we come next year. Chorus:

6. We hope that your barley
Will prosper and grow
That you may have plenty
And some to bestow. Chorus:

7. Good Mistress and Master
How can you forbear
Come fill up out bowl
With cider or beer. Chorus:

8. Good Mistress and Master
Sitting down at your ease
Put your hands in your pockets
And give what you please.Chorus:

9. I wish you a blessing
And a long time to live
Since you've been so free
And willing to give. Chorus:



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