The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come, Thou Universal Blessing

Hymn XXI.

For Advent

Words: Charles Wesley

Source: John Wesley, ed., A Collection of Hymns, for the Nativity of our Lord: and for New-Year's-Day (London: Printed at the Conference Office, 1806, 1810), p. 18.

1. Come, thou-universal Blessing,
     Abraham's long-expected Seed;
Perfect peace and joy unceasing
     Thro' the ransom'd nations spread:
Devilish pride, and brutal passion,
     Far from every heart remove;
Bless us with thy full salvation,
     Bless us with thy heavenly love.

2 Happy is the man forgiven,
     This let every sinner feel;
Taste in Thee, his present heaven ;
     Pant for greater blessings still;
O that all anew created,
     Might thine Image here retrieve;
Then to paradise-translated,
     In thy glorious presence live !

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