The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Come And Hear The Grand Old Story

Words: Rev. Horatius Bonar, 1861

Music: S. B. Saxton
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Jeremiah Franklin Ohl, 1886
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Source: Carol #536, Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir), 1916.

Compare: Christ, The Father's Son Eternal

1. Come and hear the grand old story,
Story of the ages past;
All earthís annals far surpassing,
Story that shall ever last.

Noblest, truest,
Oldest, newest,
Fairest, rarest,
Saddest, gladdest,
That the world has ever known.

2. Christ, the Father, Son eternal,1
Once was born, a Son of Man;
He who never knew beginning,
Here on earth a life began. Chorus

3. Here in Davidís lowly city,
Tenant of the manger bed,
Child of everlasting ages,
Maryís Infant lays His head. Chorus


1. Or: Christ, the Father's Son Eternal. Return

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Sheet Music by S. B. Saxton from Charles L. Hutchins

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Sheet Music by Jeremiah Franklin Ohl from The Parish School Hymnal. Philadelphia: Board of Publication of the United Lutheran Church in America, 1926, #33


This is a highly edited version of a much longer hymn whose original title was "The Old Story," and is most commonly found under the title of the first line: "Christ, The Father's Son Eternal."

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