The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Chimes

For Christmas

Words: Mary A. McKee

Music: Pemberton Pierce

Carol #5 from Christmas Carols 1884

Compare: Christmas Chimes; Words by Fanny Crosby, 1877, and Music by Henry Tucker

1. Ah! those merry Christmas chimes,
We have heard them many times,
With their sweet, unwritten music
and their cadences unsung;
They are ringing wild and free,
They are whispering to me
From the dome in which those silver-throated messengers are hung.

Ah! the rhythmical swing
Of those bells as they ring,
With the freedom and joy
Of a bird on the wing;
They murmur and cling
Like an animate thing,
To the message of beauty
And gladness they bring.

2. Like the voice of those we love,
They are stealing from above,
With a half reluctant, half impassion'd sound we seldom hear;
They have touch'd the star-lit sky,
They are coming from on high
With a blessed benediction like the voice of one most dear. Chorus.

3. They are ringing for the bride,
And the many who have died
Since the morning stars were chiming,
and old Father Time was young;
And the liquid notes are sealing,
While the bells are softly pealing,
As we gaze upon the airy height from which those tones are flung. Chorus.

Sheet Music by Pemberton Pierce from Christmas Carols 1884.

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Christmas Carols 1884 by Adam Geibel and Pemberton Pierce was published by Pemberton Pierce, Pennsgrove, N. J. (Copyright 1884 by Pemberton Pierce). This 12-page publication of Christmas Carols contained the following Carols:Christmas_Carols_1884-Geibel-Pierce .jpg (323471 bytes)

1. Glad Hallelujahs; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Pemberton Pierce.

2. Hail, Hail, Hail; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Pemberton Pierce.

3. Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices; Words by James Montgomery and Music by Adam Geibel

4. Ring, Ring, Ye Bells; Words by Anna McClintock and Music by Adam Geibel

5. Christmas Chimes; Words by Mary A. McKee and Music by Pemberton Pierce

6. Angels From The Realms of Glory; Words by James Montgomery and Music By Pemberton Pierce

Geibel and Pierce have collaborated on other collections, such as "Rays of Sunshine," which was described as "A collection of  40 pages of new music for Sabbath Schools, Prayer and Praise Meetings, and the Home Circle." There were numerous contributors to  the effort including Fanny Crosby, Mary A. McKee, and several others.

Source: Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets (American Memory, Performing Arts-Music).

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