The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christ is the World's True Light

Words: George Wallace Briggs, 1933

Music: St. Joan (P. E. B. Coller, 1941)
Alternate: Kommt Seelen
Meter: 67 67 66 66

Number 258, The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1940
(New York: Church Pension Fund, 1940)

1. Christ is the world’s true light,
Its Captain of salvation,
The Day-star clear and bright
Of every man and nation;
New life, new hope awakes,
Where’er men own his sway;
Freedom her bondage breaks,
And night is turned to day.

2. In Christ all races meet,
Their ancient feuds forgetting,
The whole round world complete,
From sunrise to its setting:
When Christ is throned as Lord,
Men shall forsake their fear,
To ploughshare bear the sword,
To pruning-hook the spear.

3. One Lord, in one great Name
Unite us all who own thee;
Cast out our pride and shame
That hinder to enthrone thee;
The world has waited long,
Has travailed long in pain;
To heal its ancient wrong,
Come, Prince of Peace, and reign. Amen.



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