The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Choirs of Angels

Old West of England Traditional Melody
As sung by my Father; noted c. 1865.

Source: Ralph Dunstan, The Cornish Song Book (London: Reid Bros., Ltd., 1929), p. 91.

1. While Choirs of Angels in the sky
Our Saviour's birth proclaim,
We'll join in Heav'nly melody,
In honour of the same,
In honour of the same.

2. The wonders of Redeeming Love,
Surpassing human thought!
Who left the glorious realms above.
And our Salvation bought,
And our Salvation bought.

3. Wherefore to His Almighty Name,
Who reigns above the sky,
Whose love is evermore the same,
Sing praise eternally.

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