The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Child Divine

Alternate Title: List! Afar! What Angel Voices

Words: Unknown

Music: J. F. Bridge, Mus. Doc.
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Source: Carol #141, Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916)

1. List! Afar! What angel voices
Fall upon the winter night!
Earth amid the sound rejoices;
Broods of Evil speed their flight.
List - for aye sweet words of gladness
Through the generations roll,
Calming ev'ry mourner's sadness:
"Christ is born - to save thy soul."

Child Divine - what Pow'rs are round Thee!
Health to man Thy Presence brings:
Age by age have myriads found
Thee Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

2. Born to heal what sin hath broken -
Born its captives to release -
Born - by Prophet-lips forespoken -
Mighty God and Prince of Peace;
When the Passions rage in blindness,
Thou their stormy waves canst still,
Turning by Thy Spell of Kindness
Hate and Malice to Good-will,

Child Divine - whoe'er hath known Thee
Hails the joy Thy Presence brings:
Thine through life - in Death we own Thee
Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

3. Sing, ye hosts - triumphant thronging
Round The Lamb enthroned in Light,
Sing, O man - the hymn prolonging
Through thy toils of hourly fight.
Sing what Grace, what nameless Glory
Stooped to rescue sons of Earth;
Grateful spread the wondrous story, -
Hail The Incarnate Saviour's Birth.

Child Divine, all hearts that know Thee
Know the strength Thy Presence brings, -
Know what debt of Love we owe Thee,
Lord of Lord and King of Kings.

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