The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Cedar Of Lebanon

For Christmas

Words: Rev. R. F. Littledale

Music: An Old Melody Arranged by Edmund Sedding
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Source: Antient Carols for Christmas and Other Tides Arranged For Four Voices by Edmund Sedding. Second Edition. (London: Masters and Son, 1863), pp. 2-3.

"The golden tyme ye nowe at hande,
    The daye of joye from Heaven doth springe,
Salvacyone over-flowes the lande,
    Wherefore all faithfull thus may singe,
            Glory to GOD most hie,
            And peace on the earth continuallye!
            And unto men rejoysinge!"

1. The Cedar of Lebanon, Plant of renown,
Hath bowed to the hyssop His wide spreading Crown,
The Son of the Highest, an Infant, is laid,
On the Breast of His Mother, that lowliest Maid.

All glory to God in the highest we sing.
And peace upon earth through the newly born King.

2. From the Star of the Sea the glad Sunlight hath shined,
Springs the Lion of Judah from Naphtali’s Hind,
The Life from the dying, the Rose from the thorn,
The Maker of all things of Maiden is born. Chorus — All glory, &c.

3. The manger of Bethlehem opens once more
The gates of that Eden where man dwelt of yore,
And He Who is lying, a Child, in the Cave,
Hath conquered the foeman, hath ransom'd the slave. Chorus — All glory, &c.

4. In the midst of the Garden the Tree of Life stands,
And offers His twelve fruits to lips and to hands,
For the Lord of Salvation, the Gentiles’ Desire,
Hath ta’en from the Cherubs their sword-blade of fire. Chorus — All glory, &c.

5. On the hole of the aspic the sucking Child lays
And His Hand on the den of the cockatrice lays,
And the Dragon, which over a fallen world reign'd,
By the Seed of the Woman is vanquish'd and chain'd. Chorus — All glory, &c.

6. To Him who hath lov'd us and sent us His Son,
To Him Who the Victory for us hath won,
To Him Who sheds on us His Sevenfold rays,
Be honour and glory, salvation and praise. Chorus — All glory, &c.

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Sheet music from Antient Carols for Christmas And Other Tides Arranged for Four Voices by Edmund Sedding. Second Edition. (London: Masters and Son, 1863), pp. 2-3.

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In the Preface, Mr. Sedding noted:

For the melody of the first Carol I am indebted to William Chappell, Esq., F.S.A., editor of "Musick in the Olden Time;" ....

The two-volume set "Popular Music of the Olden Time" is said to have been issued in 1859-1860.

Sheet Music from Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, ed., Carols Old and Carols New (Boston: Parish Choir, 1916), Carol 437

Sheet Music from Rev. Richard R. Chope, Carols For Use In Church (London: William Clowes & Sons, Complete Edition, 1894), Carol #11

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