The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Born In A Stable He

For Christmas

Words: Thomas Kelly (1769-1854)

Source: Thomas Kelly, Hymns on Various Passages of Scripture. A New Edition. (London: The Religious Tract Society, 1836), Hymn IX, pp. 9-10.

"Thy holy child, Jesus."—Acts iv. 30.

1 Born in a stable he,
And cradled in a stall,
In whom his people see
The very "Lord of all."
No wonder carnal men
The claims of one should scorn,
So weak, to human ken,
And so ignobly born.

2 Yet all the pow'r in earth,
And all in heav'n is his;
Entitled by his birth,
He "Heir of all things is."
"The First" he is, "and Last,"
Who does not, cannot change;
The Future, as the Past,
Is his. 'Tis passing strange.

3 To those who judge by sense,
The stable and the cross
Are folly and offence,
But theirs the shame and loss.
While Faith a glory sees,
A majesty above,
Whatever outward is;
The majesty of love.

4 All hail "The Holy Child,"
"The first-begotten" Thou;
By men on earth revil'd,
Before whom angels bow.
The kingdom is thine own,
The glory and the pow'r;
The praise be thine alone,
Both now and evermore.

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