The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Blyssid be that mayde Mary

Words and Music: Traditional English
(From MS. Sloan 2593, fol. 51, v0)

Source: Thomas Wright, Specimens of Old Christmas Carols Selected from Manuscripts and Printed Books (London: The Percy Society, 1841)

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Eya, Jhesus hodie natus est de Virgine

Blyssid be that mayde Mary,
Born he was of here body,
Godis sone that syttit on hy,
                        non ex virili semine.

In a manjour of an as,
Jhesu lay and lullyd was,
Harde peynis for to pas,
                        pro peccante homine.

Kynges comyn fro dyvesse londe,
With grete
yftes in here honde,
In Bedlem the child they fonde,
                        stella ducte lumine.

Man and chyld both eld and ying,
Now in his blysful comyng,
To that chyld mow we syng,
                        gloria tibi, Domine.

Nowel, nowel, in this halle,
Make merye I prey
ou alle;
Onto that chyld may we calle,
                        ullo sine crimine.

Also found in Thomas Wright, Songs and Carols from a Manuscript in the British Museum of the Fifteenth Century (London: Printed by Richards for The Warton Club, 1856), Hymn No. vi, pp. 9-10.


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