The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Behold The Morning Star

Words and Music: English Traditional
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Editor's Note:
Due to the complexity of the piece, the lyrics are not printed.


Source: W. A. Pickard-Cambridge, A Collection of Dorset Carols (London: A. W. Ridley & Co., 1926), #31

1. Behold, Behold the morning star.
How bright its glories shine
See how the heavens wide opening are
    opening are,
Hark music how divine!
Hark! music how divine!
See how the heavens wide opening are,
Hark music how divine.

2. Arise, ye mortals, hear
Angelic voices sing:
And shout with that celestial choir
The praises of our King.

3. He comes to bless mankind
With universal grace:
He comes to heal the sinners' mind,
To save a ruined race.

4. Then shout with grateful song,
And loud, ye Angels, sing:
Give Christ the glory, King of Kings,
Who doth salvation bring!

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