The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Behold! The Baptist's Warning Sounds

For Advent, For St. John the Baptist

Words: Jordanis oras prævia, Charles Coffin, Paris Breviary (1676-1749), 1736
Translation by Robert Corbet Singleton, 1867

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1. Behold! the Baptist's warning sounds
thrill through the Jordan's winding bounds:
as rings his herald voice on high,
let listless slumber quickly fly!

2. The heaven, the ocean, and the earth,
their great Creator's coming birth
see rising on their longing sight,
and greet it with supreme delight.

3. Then cleanse your hearts, to sin a prey;
for God approaching smooth the way;
prepare for him a place of rest,
meet home for such a worthy Guest.

4. Thou, Jesus, thou our safety art,
the strength and balm of every heart:
as grass that fades, our mortal race
lies pining for thy absent face.

5. Stretch forth thy hand the sick to heal;
lift up the fallen; thy face reveal:
its own fair beauty now, once more,
let bloom upon this earthly floor.

6. To him, who comes the world to free,
to Son, and Father, honor be;
thee, gracious Spirit, we adore,
from age to age, for evermore.

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