The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Awake My Harp, My Lute and Cheerful Voice

For Christmas

Words and Music: English Traditional

Source: A Selection of Hymns for Christmas Day, 1814, To Be Sung at the Methodist New Chapel, Waltham Street, Hull, (Hull: Topping & Dazson, 1814), Hymn #7, p. 8.

1. Awake my harp, my lute and cheerful voice,
Ye people all in songs of praise rejoice ;
On this glad morn to chace the gloomy night,
The Star of Jacob rose divinely bright.

2. A child is born to us a son is given,
In mortal flesh appears the God of heaven ;
Humbly he stoops to this polluted earth,
Diffusing gladness in his wondrous birth.

3. Angelic legions hail'd the natal day,
While their Creator in a manger lay ;
Amazing love ! what wonders here combine,
To manhood stoops the Majesty Divine !

4. Ye captive slaves to sin and hell a prey,
Lift up your heads, let gladness crown the day;
Your pond'rous chains shalt break at Jesus' narue,
His flaming heralds liberty proclaim.

5. He comes the tyrant's kingdom to destroy,
To publish peace and universal joy ;
From pole to pole extends his vast domain,
The King, O Salem ! shall for ever reign.

6. Break forth aloud and swell the lofty song,
To man berov'd the pveasrng strain belong;
While endless ages in their circles move
Enraptwr'd saints shall sing Redeeming love.

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