The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

At The Door A Babe Is Knocking

Words: Spanish

1. At the door a Babe is knocking softly,
Rosy like the rising sun.
Though He says He does not feel the winter,
Clothes and shelter He has none.
Go and bid Him enter,
Bring Him to the hearth.
There is here a welcome.
There is love on earth.
2. So the door was opened and He entered,
Warmed Himself in charity.
And the Mother, welcoming the Stranger,
Asked Him where His kingdom lay.
"Far away my mother
Had her native hearth.
High in heav'n my Father,
I am here on earth."
3. "Go and make the best room ready for Him.
Make His bed with loving care."
"Do not trouble, lady.  For my pillow
Some cold corner is my share.
On the hard ground lying
Ever since my birth,
Till the cross means dying
This my lot on earth."

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