The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Angel Said to Joseph Mild

For Innocents' Day, Dec. 28

Author: Luke Waddinge

To the tune of “I doe not Love cause thou art faire”

One of the “Short Carols for Each Day of Christmas”


Luke Waddinge, A Small Garland of Pious & Godly Songs, 1684

Christmas Carols of Waddinge and Devereux

Source: Thomas Wall, A Pious Garland Being the December Letter and Christmas Carols of Luke Wadding (Dublin: M.H. Gill and Son, 1960).

The angel saith to Joseph mild,
Fly with the Mother and the Child,
Out of this land to Egypt go,
Our heavenly Babe will have it so;
For that His hour is not yet come
To die for man’s redemption.

Proud Herod, he doth froth and frown,
Feareth to loose kingdom and crown;
Full of disdain and full of scorn~
He must destroy this young King born;
But stay, His hour is not yet come
To die for man’s redemption.

Herod, forbear this cruel flood
Of the most pure innocent blood,
To thee a crown this Child doth bring
To make thee happier than a king;
From highest heavens along He’s come
To die for man’s redemption.


This is one of many songs which relate to the Holy Innocents, whose feast day is December 28. For more, please see The Hymns Of The Holy Innocents.

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