The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

All This Time This Song Is Best:
Verbum caro factum est

Words and Music: English Traditional, Before 1536
Compare: This Night To Us A Child Is Born (Weston)
A variant of A litel childe there is ibore
A Little Child There Is Yborn
Gloria Tibi Domine

See also In hoc anni circulo
and Verbum caro factum est de virgin

Source: Edith Rickert, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700 (London: Chatto & Windus, 1914), pp. 43-44

1. This night there is a Child (y)born,
That sprang out of Jesse's thorn;
We must sing and say thereforn:
    Verbum caro factum est.

2. Jesus is the Childes name
And Mary mild is His dame,
All our sorrow is turned to game:1
    Verbum caro factum est.

3. It fell upon (the) high midnight,
The stars (they) shone both fair and bright,
The angels sang with all their might:
    Verbum caro factum est.

4. Now kneel we down (up)on our knee,
And pray we to the Trinity,
Our help, our succor for to be.
    Verbum caro factum est.


1. Joy. Return

Ed. Note:

Verbum caro factum est = The Word is made flesh.

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