The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

All Glory, Jesus Christ, To Thee

For Christmas

Words: Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ by Martin Luther
Translation by "R."

Music: Not Stated

Source: Church of England Magazine, Edition LXXII, No. 2124 (London: January 20, 1872), p. 45. From an article titled “Luther's Hymns. No. I.” See:  From Heav'n On High To Earth I Come

"All glory, Jesus Christ, to Thee
That Thou art pleased a Man to be;
The Virgin's womb Thou didst not scorn,
And angels shout when Thou art born—

"The blessed Father's only Son
Chooses a manger for His throne;
The everlasting Sovereign Good
Assumes our feeble flesh and blood.

"Though Lord supreme o'er earth and skies,
Low upon Mary' s breast He lies;
He Who the world's foundation laid
Is now a helpless infant made.

"Th' eternal light is beaming in;
The gospel age shall soon begin;
Now vanish fast the shades of night,
And we become the sons of light.

"The Son, the mighty God confess'd,
In His own world became a guest,
And opened through this world of strife
A way to everlasting life.

"So poor and mean to us He came,
That we might heav'nly riches claim,
That we might have our guilt forgiven.
And dwell with all the saints in heaven.

“For us He hath these wonders wrought,
And proved His love surpassing thought;
Then let us all unite to sing
Our grateful praises to our King.

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