The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Advent of Our God

Words: Instantis adventum Dei, Charles Coffin, Paris Breviary, 1736
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Translated from Latin to English by Harriett Packer, 1906.

Music: "Doncaster," Samuel Wesley (1766-1837)
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Alternate tunes: "Franconia," König’s Choralbuch, 1738;
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"St. Thomas," Aaron Williams, The New Universal Psalmodist, 1770
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1. The advent of our God
with eager prayers we greet,
and singing haste upon his road
his glorious gift to meet.

2. The everlasting Son
scorns not a Virgin's womb;
that we from bondage may be won
he bears a bondsman's doom.

3. Daughter of Zion, rise
to meet thy lowly King,
let not thy stubborn heart despise
the peace he deigns to bring.

4. In clouds of awful light,
as judge he comes again,
his scattered people to unite
with them in heaven to reign.

5. Let evil flee away
ere that dread hour shall dawn,
let this old Adam day by day
God's image still put on.

6. Praise to the Incarnate Son,
who comes to set us free,
with God the Father, ever One,
to all eternity.

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