The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Galley Will I Build Me

Words: George R. Woodward

Source: Rev. George R. Woodward, The Babe Of Bethlehem, Being Some Christmas Carols (48 West Hill, Highgate Village, 1923), #19

1. A Galley will I build me,
A brave ship, and a fine:
‘With rudder, oar, and main-fail,
And cross-tree mast of pine.

2. Now who shall be my skipper?
Jesus, my lover kind;
Will save my barque from ship-wreck,
According to his mind.

3. Our Lady she must steer it
Saint Mary, Virgin-queen,
Fraught with her heavenly burthen,
The Pearl of price, I mean.

4. And whom to choose for pilot?
My guiding Angel-star
Shall fee his convoy safely
In port across the bar.

5. So shall my gallant Galley
Arrive at that fair coast,
Where reigneth God, the Father,
The Son, the Holy Ghost.

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