The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Reliquiĉ Antiquĉ

Thomas Wright and James Orchard Halliwell

Two Volumes. London: John Russell Smith, 1845

Christmas Carols In This Collection

Volume I.

The Five Joys of the Virgin (First Line: Seinte Marie, levedi brist), pp. 48-49

A Hymn To The Virgin (Of On That Is So Fayr and Bright), pp. 89-90

A Christmas Carrol (Lystenyt, lordyngs, more and lees), p. 203

Volume II.

Song of the Boar's Head (The boris hede in hond I bryng), p. 30

This endurs ny3t I see a syght (This lovely lady sete and song), pp. 76-77


Editor's Note:

There were two additional carols, but both were in Latin, and of marginal value to most visitors. Scholars, however, may wish to check these two volumes for "The Song of the School-Boy at Christmas," Vol. I, pp. 116-117, and a lengthy poem, "St. Nicholas," Vol. I, pp. 199-208. Below are jpg files of the texts of these two carols:

"The Song of the School-Boy at Christmas"

Song_Schoolboy_Christmas_Wright_Reliquiae-I-16-117.jpg (111990 bytes)

"St. Nicholas" (all 10 pages)

st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-199.jpg (60645 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-200.jpg (72744 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-201.jpg (73748 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-202.jpg (67243 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-203.jpg (67313 bytes)

st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-204.jpg (73999 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-205.jpg (73341 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-206.jpg (65746 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-207.jpg (67457 bytes) st_nicholas-latin-Wright-Reliquiae-II-208.jpg (75012 bytes)

Wright was the editor of numerous collections during his life, among them:

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