The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Hymns and Music For The Young
Parts One and Two

Rev. J. Freeman Young
An Assistant Minister of Trinity Church, New York

Juvenile Series.
Part 1

New York: The Gen. Prot. Episc. S. S. Union and Church Book Society
Copyright 1860
Fifth Edition, 1864


THE occasion of this Collection of Hymns and Music for Children was the want felt by its Author of something of the kind in the prosecution of his labors in the schools of St. John’s Chapel His plan has been, in classifying and arranging the better portion of such materials as, with no little effort and care, he has been able to collect, to follow the order of the development of the infant mind. Beginning with Morning and Evening Hymns of Prayer and Praise, which are usually the first things taught to the little Christian Child, the order of the Series proceeds next to Home and its Relations, and then on to the Revelation of God through Nature — our Lord’s gracious Bidding that the Little Children should be brought unto Him — their being thus brought and devoted to Him in Holy Baptism — and the Duties and Obligations arising out of these new relations: the order of the Church Catechism being here exactly followed. Several Hymns and Carols for each of the principal Festival and Penitential Seasons of the Church Year, with a few Miscellaneous pieces, complete this Juvenile Series.

In the preparation of this work, the first aim has been to avoid original, as far as possible, in both the poetry and music; and the second has been, not to alter, except in unavoidable cases, the productions of others: notwithstanding, it has been found necessary to amend frequently, and sometimes to substitute whole verses, as respects the Hymns; while most of the Melodies have been harmonized, and not a few composed. In the musical part, Mr. J. Mosenthal and Mr. H. R. Schroeder, both of eminent attainments in the musical profession, have very kindly lent their aid, not only in composing many pieces, but in newly harmonizing, or revising, the greater part of the music given.

To meet more precisely the wants of different portions of the community, the work is issued not only as a whole, but likewise in three separate parts: — Part First, containing the Hymns relating to Morning and Evening, Home and its Relations, and the Revelation of God through Nature: — Part Second, containing those relating to Holy Baptism, the Duties arising out of the Christian Covenant, and the Child’s Church Year: — Part Third, containing the Miscellaneous Hymns and Songs. The several parts are about equal as to both quality and quantity, and are independent of each other, while taken together they form a varied and comprehensive Series of Hymns for Little Children.

J. F. Y.

NEW YORK, December 12th, 1859.

Contents Of Part First

1. The Morning Bright (a Morning Hymn)

2. The Evening Hymn

3. From The Dreary Night Is Done

4. My God, Who Makes The Sun To Know

5. Father, Thou Hast Heard My Prayer

6. At The Close Of Every Day

7. The Mellow Eve Is Gliding

8. Ere I Sleep, For Every Favor

9. Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me

10. Now As The Day Is Ending

11. God, Who Modest Earth And Heaven

12. The Sun Is Setting Brightly

13. I Have Seen The Setting Sun

14. Up Above The Bright Blue Sky

15. Father, When I Bend The Knee

16. Dark Shades Of Night

17. My Home, My Home Beloved

18. My Father, My Mother, I Know

19. I Would Not Have My Father Frown

20. When I Look Up To Yonder Sky

21. God Is In Heaven

22. Little Children, Love Each Other

23. When, For Some Little Insult Given

24. Lord, I Would Own Thy Tender Care

25. Lover Of A Little Child

26. Jesus, High In Glory

27. Our God Is Great And High

28. I Saw The Glorious Sun Arise

29. Yea, All Things Bright And Beautiful

30. A Little Child May Know

31. When The Daylight Breaking

32. See The Shining Dewdrops

33. In The Pleasant Sunny Meadows

34. The Lord Is My Shepherd

35. Shepherd, In Thy Bosom Folded

36. The Lambs Of Jesus! Who Are They (p. 48)

A PDF of the scan of the entire volume: Hymns_and_Music For The Young - Part First (1860) (4,284 KB).

Rev. J. Freeman Young
An Assistant Minister of Trinity Church, New York

Juvenile Series.
Part 2

New York: The Gen. Prot. Episc. S. S. Union and Church Book Society

The second part contained no introduction or preface by the editor. No page gave acknowledgement to either the author of the lyrics or the composer of the music. The structure was that of a musical catechism for children.

Note that the last numbered hymn in Part First was No. 37, while the first hymn in Part Second was No. 39. As I obtained Part First on inter-library loan, I am unable to examine the text to determine whether there were pages missing; there was no index in the volume I received. I examined Part Second and determined that, as best as I could tell, it was complete. This listing of the contents is from the Index pages; see below for scans of these two pages.

Contents Of Part Second

Jesus Christ

    39. I Think When I Read That Sweet Story Of Old (p. 53)

    40. How Blest That Child Whom Christ Of Old

    41. A Gentle And Holy Child

Holy Baptism

    42. Members Of Christ Are We

The First Promise

    43. Do No Sinful Action

    44. Little Drops of Water

    45. At Nazareth In Olden Time

    46. We Were Washed In Holy Water\

The Second Promise

    47. All Coldly Round Our Quiet Homes

The Third Promise

    48. When Little Samuel Woke

    49. Not In Slothfulness And Ease

    50. I Am A Christian Child

    51. How Shall We Praise Thee Lord Aright?

    52. There Is A Sign Upon My Brow

The Creed

    53. I Believe In God The Father

    54. We Are Little Christian Children

The Commandments

    55. There Is One God, But One Alone

    56. There Are Strange Countries Far Away

    57. Hush! Little Christian Child

    58. Oh! Sunday Is A Joyous Day

    59. Little Birds Sleep Sweetly

    60. Do Not Quarrel, Do Not Chide,

    61. I Love The Little Snowdrop Flower

    62. On The Goods That Are Not Thine

    63. O Christian Child! In Christ's Own Church

    64. Saw Ye Never In The Meadows

    65. Trustingly As Children Gather

    66. Who Is Thy Neighbor, Christian Child

    67. Thus Said Jesus: "Go And Do"

    68. All Thy Works, O Heavenly Father

    69. When First The Golden Sun Returning

The Lord's Prayer

    70. Our Father! Who Dost Dwell On High

    71. Maker Of All Things Aid Our Hands


    72. So Be It, Lord; The Prayers Are Prayed

The Church Of Christ

    73. The Faithful Men Of Every Land

The Sacraments

    74. Our Baptism First Declares (Baptism)

    75. Jesus From Heaven Was Sent (Repentance)

    76. Faith Is A Precious Gift (Faith)

    77. We Were Only Little Babies (Infant Baptism)

    78. Till Our Lord From Heaven Shall Come (The Lord's Supper

The index to Part Second.

A PDF of the scan of the entire volume: Hymns and Music For The Young - Part Second - 1861 (11,019 KB)

Because of the large size, three smaller PDFs of Part Second are available:

    Part Second - 1: H&M4Y-2-1

    Part Second - 2: H&M4Y-2-2

    Part Second - 3: H&M4Y-2-3

Editor's Notes:

The cover on the copy Part First I obtained on interlibrary loan was not the original; rather, it was a manila file folder — cut, folded, and glued — with the title and editor's name printed on the face. This volume consists of 48 pages and 36 hymns and carols. Neither the name of the lyricist nor the name of the composer or arranger is found with the text of any hymn or carol. There was no index of lyricist, composer, or arranger. This was evidently a popular publication since it was in its fifth edition in as many years.

Part Second consists of 48 pages and 40 hymns, and was first published in 1861. In this edition, there was no introduction or preface. Neither the name of the lyricist nor the name of the composer or arranger is found with the text of any hymn or carol. Part Second is designed to be a musical catechism for children (see the scans of the index, above).

Part Third ("containing the Miscellaneous Hymns and Songs") was referred to in the Preface to Part First (above) and in other publications. However, there is no evidence that it was ever published. Part Third is believed to have contained Young's great translation: Silent Night, Holy Night. As we have seen, however, first publication of that carol occurred at least as early as 1859 in Carols For Christmas Tide.

Young (above) wrote that "The several parts are about equal as to both quality and quantity." As such, the missing Part Third should have contained about three dozen "Hymns and Carols for each of the principal Festival and Penitential Seasons of the Church Year, with a few Miscellaneous pieces."

I received an interlibrary loan of Great Hymns of the Church the third week of January 2007; this was the volume edited by Rev. John J. Hopkins, Jr. in 1887, and was said to be the complete publication of Young's collection of hymns. According to Rev. Hopkins, a few days before his death Bishop Young "expressed the desire that, should he leave the work incomplete, it should be put into my hands to see through the press." It was published two years after the death of the Bishop.

Aside from a few notes to the hymns themselves, there was only Rev. Hopkins' Preface. Unfortunately, there was no mention of either Carols For Christmas Tide (1859) or Hymns and Music For the Young, either Part First (1860) or Part Second (1861). There was no Introduction or Preface prepared by the Bishop for this volume.

Of Carols For Christmas Tide, only two of the seven were republished in Great Hymns of the Church:

Silent Night, Holy Night (the only translation in Great Hymns by Bishop Young)
Royal Day That Chasest Gloom
(Translation by Rev. John Mason Neale)

Of Hymns and Music for the Young, Part First, only one of the 36 was republished in the Christmas-tide sections of Great Hymns of the Church: "God Who Madest Heaven And Earth" (Translation by R. Massie: see left for scan). No hymns from Part Second were located in the Christmas-tide sections of Great Hymns.

The one constant of all these three hymns published in Great Hymns of the Church is that all three are translated from either German (Silent Night and God Who Madest) or Latin (Royal Day). Indeed, of the 290 hymns in Great Hymns Of The Church, only eight1 were not translations from German, Latin or Greek. None of those related to the Christmas-tide.

Based on this information, I am not confident that any significant portion of the unpublished Hymns and Music for the Young, Part Three will be recovered, unless they can be found in the papers of Bishop Young or Rev. Hopkins, if any.


1. The eight were composed by Rev. John H. Hopkins (4), Rev. John M. Neale (3),  Rev. Edward Caswell (1), and one from "The Hymnary." They were:


I had previously been under the mistaken impression that Bishop Young had been the author of the hymn "Wonderful Night." However, in Great Hymns of the Church (J. H. Hopkins, ed., New York: James Pott & Co., 1887), credit for the lyrics is given to Dr. Joh. Frederick Meyer (1772-1848); the translation was provided by the Rev. Milo Mahan, D. D.; the tune "Christmas Eve" was composed by Dr. Conrad Kocher. I apologize for the error.

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