The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Carols & Christmas Customs

William Chatterton Dix (No Publisher or Location, circa 1870)

Part I. A Brief Dissertation on Christmas Customs and Christmas Carols

1. The Carol of the Yule Log: Glad Christmas Tide Is Come Once More

Part II. The Holy Nativity


2. Deliverance: Come And Release Us, Son of God

3. Advent: Dark Fall The Hours This Winter-Tide

The Holy Night

4. The Silent Night: All Things Were In Silence

5. The Manger Throne: Like Silver Lamps In A Distant Shrine

The Shepherds' Journey

6. The Christ-Child: Sing The Holy Child-Christ

7. What Child Is This: What Child Is This Who, Laid To Rest

8. Bethlehem: Today In Bethlehem Hear I

The Visit of the Magi

9. In The Ages Past And Distant: In The Ages Past and Distant

10. Open-Air Carol: O Babe! In Manger Lying

11. Night and Morning: Peaceful Were The Plains That Night

12. As With Gladness: As, With Gladness, Men Of Old

13. A Legend Of The Holy Child: It Was The Quiet Evening

14. Cradle Song: The Virgin Is Hushing Her Baby To Rest

15. Emmanuel: Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today, The Royal Child Is Born!

16. Darkness Fell On The Weary Earth: Darkness Fell On The Weary Earth

17. Who Is This?: Who Is This That Lies All Lowly

Editor's Note.

In addition to the hymns and carols linked above, Mr. Dix was the author of numerous other notable hymns and carols. For additional details about Dix together with links to additional hymns and carols, see: William Chatterton Dix.

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