The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Christmas Content in the Hymnal Noted

Rev. John Mason Neale and Rev. Thomas Helmore, eds., Hymnal Noted, Part I. (London: Novello & Co., 1852), Part II (London: Novello & Co., 1856)

The primary source will be the 1856 edition of the Hymnal Noted, Parts I & II, supplemented by the 1889 edition of Hymnal Noted, which was the Tenth Edition. The latter contains the Combined Edition plus an Appendix and a Supplement, together with other additional material. The full length is nearly 800 pages. Some individual scans will come from an edition containing both Part 1 (1852) and Part II (1856).

In addition to the Hymnal Noted itself, additional resources include:

"The present edition illustrates the Hymns with references to Holy Scripture ; which, it is hoped may be found useful for several purposes, and especially for that of catechising."


Name Season Number Page Original HN

Creator Of The Stars Of Night

Advent-Evening 28 28 10

To Earth Descending, Word Sublime

Advent-Morning 29 29 11

Draw Nigh, Draw Nigh, Emmanuel

Advent 30 29 65

Come, Thou Redeemer Of The Earth

Christmas Eve-Evening 31 30 12

Of The Father Sole Begotten

Christmas Eve-Morning 32 32 66

Jesu, The Father’s Only Son

Christmas Day-Morning 33 33 13

From Lands That See The Sun Arise

Christmas Day-Morning 34 34 14

Be Present, Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant

Christmas 35 36 67

Let Every Age And Nation Own

Christmas-First Hour 36 37 68

The Virgin Mary Hath Conceived

Christmas-Third Hour 37 37 69

He, By Whose Hand The Light Was Made

Christmas-Sixth Hour 38 38 70

Now The Old Adam's Sinful Stain

Christmas-Ninth Hour 39 38 71

Saint Of God, Elect And Precious

St. Stephen 40 39 15

All Hail Ye Infant Martyr Flowers

Holy Innocents 41 40 16

Why, Impious Herod, Vainly Fear

Epiphany And The Following Week-Evening 42 40 17
Jesu! The Very Thought Is Sweet! (Hymn) Epiphany And The Following Week-Morning 43 41 18

Jesu! The Very Thought Is Sweet! (Sequence)

Epiphany At The Holy Communion 44 42 72

O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High

Sundays After Epiphany 45 44 73

The God Whom Earth, And Sea, And Sky

Purification or Annunciation 88 89 93

Full of Gladness, Let Our Faithful Choir

Purification or Annunciation 89 90 94

To The Virgin He Sends

Annunciation-Morning 90 92 95

The Sighs and The Sorrows

Annunciation-Morning 91 93 96

The Great Forerunner of the Morn

St. John the Baptist 92 95 97

Day of Wrath! O Day of Mourning!

Second Advent And After the Burial of the Dead at Holy Communion 105 111 46

The Greater Antiphons:

O Sapientia-O Wisdom, Which Camest Forth

O Adonai-O Lord and Ruler of the House of Israel

O Radix Jesse-O Root of Jesse

O Clavis David-O Key of David

O Oriens-O Orient

O Rex Gentium-O King of the Gentiles

O Emmanuel-O Emmanuel

O Virgo Virginum-O Virgin of Virgins

Advent-At Even-song During Eight Days Before Christmas (Dec. 16 ff)

See: Notes on Veni, Veni, Emmanuel

NA 113-114 NA


Text Only

Some texts are pending.

Name Latin Season Number Page

Hark! An Awful Voice Is Sounding

En clara vox redarguit

Advent 118 128
The Advent of Our God

Instantis adventum Dei

Advent 119 128
What Terrors Shake My Trembling Soul!

Sensus quis horror percutit?

Second Advent 120 129
When Christ the Lord Would Come On Earth


Advent 121 130
Lo! He Comes With Clouds Descending

Dies irĉ, dies illa

Second Advent 122 131
O Come, All Ye Faithful

Adeste Fideles

Christmas 123 132
Hark! The Herald Angel Sing


Christmas 124 133
Now Suspend The Wistful Sigh

Jam desinant suspiria

Christmas 125 134
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By  Night


Christmas 126 135
Prince of Martyrs! Thou Whose Name

O qui tuo Dux martyrum

St. Stephen 127 136
Yesterday, With Exultation

Heri mundus exultavit

St. Stephen 128 138
The Life, Which God's Incarnate Word

Quae dixit, egit, pertulit

St. John the Evangelist 129 139
O Blessed Day, When First Was Pour'd

Felix dies, quam proprio

Circumcision 130 140

From God The Father Comes To Earth

A Patre Unigénite

Epiphany At Matins 131 141
Lo, The Pilgrim Magi

Linquunt tecta Magi Principis urbis

Epiphany 132 142
In Stature Grows The Heavenly Child

Divine Crescebas Puer

Epiphany 133 144
Bethlehem, of Noblest Cities

O sola magnarum urbium

Epiphany 134 145
Now Jesus Lifts His Prayer On High

Emergit undis et Deo

Epiphany 135 146
Sion, Ope Thy Hallowed Dome

Templi sacratas pande

Purification of St. Mary the Virgin 170 180
The Angel Spake The Word Supernus ales nuntiat
but see:
Caelestis ales nuntiat
Annunciation of St. Mary the Virgin 171 181
In The Ending Of The Year

In hoc anni circulo

Processional Hymn for Christmas-tide.

352 360

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