The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Selection of Carols, Pieces, and Anthems, Suitable for Christmas

London: W. Kent and Co.; Penzance: F. Rodda, ca. 1872

This interesting collection is undated. We've found three different editions online with 54, 55, & 56 pages of songs. Assuming that the 56 page edition is the newest, we've taken carols from that collection, which had a hand-written date of 1872 on the title page. There was no Introduction, and the name of the editor is not given. According to WorldCat, there was a later, "3rd edition, expanded" published in ca. 1875 with 69 pages. As of this time, no copy was available electronically.

Of the 86 songs in this collection, 56 were new to us as of Sept. 22, 2017. At that time, there were over 4,200 existing hymns and carols on this web site.


For Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

  1. Angelic Messenger, Repeat, p. 9

  2. Angels From The Realms of Glory, p. 9

  3. Angels Proclaim the Happy Morn, p. 10

  4. Arise And Hail The Glorious Star, p. 10

  5. Arise And Sing, Dispel Your Fears, p. 11 - New

  6. Arise, Shine, O Zion!, p. 11 - A Reading Adapted from the Holy Bible

  7. Awake, Arise, And Hail The Glorious Morn, p. 12 - New

  8. Awake, Arise, Behold The Day, pp. 12-13 - New

  9. Awake, Arise, Rejoice And Sing, p. 13 - New

  10. Awake With Joy, Salute The Morn!, p. 14

  11. Awake With Joyful Strains Of Mirth, p. 14 - New

  12. Awake Ye Nation Of The Earth, pp. 14-15

  13. Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning, p. 15

  14. Beauteous Plant Of High Renown, p. 15 - New

  15. Behold A Lucid Light Appears, p. 16 - New

  16. Behold A Virgin Shall Conceive, p. 16 - A Reading Adapted from the Holy Bible

  17. Behold I Bring You Glad Tidings Of Joy, p. 16 - A Reading Adapted from the Holy Bible

  18. Behold What Splendour, p. 17 - New

  19. Blessed, Bright And Shining Star, pp. 17-18 - New

  20. Bright And Joyful Is The Morn, p. 18

  21. Be Merry All, Be Merry All, pp. 18-19 - New

  22. Christians, Awake, Salute The Happy Morn, pp. 19-20

  23. Christ the Lord Was Born Today, p. 20

  24. Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye, p. 21 - New Text Reading

  25. Come Let Us Lift Our Hearts And Voice, pp. 21-22 - New

  26. Come, Let Us All With One Accord, p. 22 - New

  27. Come, Let Us Raise Our Voices High, p. 23 - New

  28. Glory To God, The Angels Said, p. 23 - New

  29. Glory To God That Reigns Above, p. 24 - New

  30. Glory To God, The Holy Angels Cry, pp. 24-25 - New

  31. Hail! Ever Hail! Auspicious Morn, p. 25

  32. Hail, Hail The Day On Which The Lord, p. 26 - New

  33. Hail, Source of Living Light Divine, p. 26 - New

  34. Hail! Sacred Day, Auspicious Morn, p. 27 - New

  35. Hark! All Around The Welkin Rings, pp. 27-28

  36. Hark! What Mean Those Heavenly Voices, p. 28 - New, a variant of Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices?

  37. Hark Around Cherubic Legions, p. 29 - New

  38. Hark, What Music Fills Creation, p. 29

  39. Hark, Hark! What News The Angels Bring, p. 30

  40. Hark, The Celestial Hills Around, p. 30 - New

  41. Hark, The Christmas Chanters Come, p. 30 - New

  42. Hark The Glad Sound! The Saviour Comes!, p. 31

  43. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, pp. 31-32

  44. Hark The Triumphant Angels' Song, pp. 32-33 - New

  45. Hark, The Angel Choirs Proclaim, p. 33 - New

  46. Hail Happy Tide, p. 34 - New

  47. Hosanna to King David's Son, p. 34 - New

  48. Hosanna to the Prince of Light, pp. 34-35 - New; compare Hosanna! To The Prince of Light

  49. How Beautiful Upon The Mountains, p. 35 - New

  50. He Comes To Rescue Ruin’d Man, p. 35-36 - New

  51. High Let Us Swell Our Tuneful Notes, p. 36

  52. Him We Sing, Whose Wondrous Story, p. 37 - New

  53. Joy To The World, The Lord Is Come, p. 37

  54. Let Christians All With One Accord, p. 38; found with the title The Black Decree - Version 7.

  55. Let Eastern Tribes Their Offering Bring, p. 38 - New

  56. Lift Up Your Heads In Joyful Hope, p. 39

  57. Lo! The Eastern Sages Rise, pp. 39-40 - New

  58. Let Christians All With One Accord Rejoice, p. 40; found with the title The Black Decree - Version 4. Compare Version 7 above. For notes and sheet music, see The Black Decree - Version 1.

  59. Lo! He Comes, An Infant Stranger, p. 41

  60. Mortals Awake, With Angels Join, pp. 41-42

  61. Now Begin The Blissful Theme, p. 42 - New

  62. O Earth Be Joyful, All Ye Nations Sing, p. 43 - New

  63. O Come All Ye Faithful, p. 43 - New Version

  64. Of The Father’s Love Begotten, p.  44

  65. Rejoice, Loud Hallelujahs Let Us Sing, p. 44-45 - New

  66. See, See They Come ! A Glorious Army, p. 45 - A New Version

  67. See, The Morning Fair And Bright, pp. 45-46

  68. Shepherds Keeping Watch By Night, p. 46 - A New Version

  69. Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes, pp. 46-47

  70. Sing, O Heavens! And Be Joyful O Earth, p. 47 - New

  71. Star of the East, Whose Beacon Light, p. 48

  72. Strike! Seraphs, Strike! Your Harps, p. 48 - New

  73. The First Nowell The Angels Did Say, p. 49

  74. The Lord Is Come ! The Heavens Proclaim, p. 49 - A New Version

  75. The Shining Heralds From On High, p. 50 - New

  76. To Celebrate Our Saviour's Birth, p. 50 - New

  77. To Us A Child Is Born From Heaven, p. 50 - New

  78. Welcome, Welcome Happy Morn, p. 51 - New

  79. What Heav'nly Music's This I Hear, p. 51 - New

  80. What Melody Is This I Hear, p. 52 - New

  81. When Marshaled On The Nightly Plain, pp. 52-53

  82. Whilst Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night, p.53-54

  83. While Choirs Of Angels In The Sky, p. 54 - New

  84. When Silent Night In Darkness Rob’d, pp. 54-55  - New

  85. Ye Angels, Whose Harmonious Strains, pp. 55

  86. Zion, The Marvellous, p. 56 - New


The first lines of several of these carols were found on an Adobe PDF file related to the Firth Ballads at the University of Sheffield. Unfortunately, access was restricted to those with an account at that University.

The Firth Ballads are collection that consists of 7 bound volumes containing around 500 ballads from the personal library of Sir Charles Harding Firth (1857-1936). See a description at the University of Sheffield Library: Firth Ballads-Sheffield. A part of the collection can be seen at the Bodleian Library's Broadside Ballads Online collection, Firth Ballads-Bodleian. Several books by and about Sir Firth can be seen at Google Books, Charles Harding Firth-GB, and at the Internet Archive, Charles Harding Firth-IA. And see the article by Sir Firth in Sir Sidney Lee, ed., Shakespeare's England, An Account of the Life & Manners of His Age. Vol. 2 (Oxford University Press, 1916) Chapter XXIX, "Ballads and Broadsides," pp. 511-538. Note his Bibliography on pp. 537-538.

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