The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Good Christmas Box

Containing a choice collection of Christmas Carols

Dudley: G. Walters, 1847
Reprinted Michael Raven, 2007

The very influential Staffordshire chapbook of 58 carols published in 1847. It contained a number of carols that were first published here, including a number of those on William Hone's list of 89 Christmas Carols now annually Printed (Ancient Mysteries Described, Chapter 3, 1823). Mr. Walters a printer, stationer, bookseller, music-seller, etc.   was well known for publishing Broadsides, and specialised in ornate carol sheets.

"Page" refers to the number in the reprint, while "Original Page" refers to the 1847 volume.

A Good Christmas Box Part One
Page Original
Title First Line
8 5 The Five and Twentieth of December Upon the five and twentieth of December
8 7 The Sinner's Dream One night as slumbering I lay
9 9 Christ's Love For Sinners This second carol here I sing
10 13 Shepherds Rejoice Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes
10 14 New Year's Carol Awake, awake ye drowsy souls
12 17 The Virgin Unspotted The virgin unspotted the prophets foretold
13 18 Truth Sent From Above This is the truth sent from above
14 21 Fountain of Christ's Blood There is a fountain of Christ's blood
14 23 The Birth of Christ Hark, Hark! what news the Angels bring
15 24 O, Fair Jerusalem O fair, O fair Jerusalem!
15 27 Mirth Inclined or The Sinner's Redemption All you that are to mirth inclin'd
18 31 The Twelve Apostles When Jesus Christ had lived
18 33 Joyful Mirth Let Christians now in joyful mirth
19 35 Away Dark Thoughts Away dark thoughts, awake my joys
19 37 Righteous Joseph When righteous Joseph wedded was
19 38 The Saviour's Birth Hark! Hark! What news the angels bring
20 39 Star of Bethlehem Lo! The Eastern magi rise
20 41 The Nativity While shepherds watch'd their flocks by night
20 42 Christmas Night On Christmas night true Christians sing
21 43 The Holy Well As it fell out one May morning
23 45 God's Dear Son God's dear Son without beginning
24 48 Herald Angels Hark! The herald angels sing
24 49 Dives and Lazarus As it fell upon a day
25 52 The Sunny Bank As I sat on a sunny bank
25 53 Rising of the Dead O faithless proud and sinful man
27 57 The Holly and the Ivy The holly and the ivy, | Now both are well grown
27 58 Coleman's Carol Good Christian people pray attend
29 62 The Saviour's Love Thus have your heard and seen our Saviour's love
A Good Christmas Box Part Two
34 67 The Twelve Articles One God there is of wisdom, glory, might
34 69 David's Royal Son Of all the wonders and delights
35 70 The Babe of Bethlehem The babe of Bethlehem's manger laid
35 71 The Little Room, First Part As on my bed with grief oppressed
36 75 The Man That Lives Must Learn To Die The man that lives must learn to die
37 76 Twelve Points My gift is small, a dozen of points
38 79 Behold The Grace Appears Behold the grace appears
38 80 Old Christmas Hymn Arise, and hail the sacred day
39 82 The Shepherds Amazed The shepherds amazed, the angels beheld
39 83 God Rest You Merry Gentlemen God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
39 85 The Moon Shines Bright The moon shines bright, the stars give light
40 87 You Mortals All, or Christ's Love to Penitent Sinners Your mortals all of high and low degree
42 91 Lift Up Your Heads Lift up your heads in joyful hope
43 92 The Black Decree Let Christians all with one accorde rejoice
44 96 Sweet Jesus On Christmas day in the morn
45 98 Joseph and Mary Now when Joseph and Mary
46 101 The Carnal and the Crane As I pass'd by a river side
48 105 The Creation of the World All Christian people pray attend
51 103 Christmas Hymn High let us swell our tuneful notes
51 114 The Little Room, Second Part Another mystery behold
53 115 Melodious Sound Once more the sweet melodious sound
53 116 Jacob's Well At Jacob's well a Stranger sought
53 117 The Infant Stranger [the first six verses] Lo! He comes, an infant stranger
54 118 The Seven Virgins, or The Leaves Of Life All under the leaves, and the leaves of life
56 120 The New-born King Angels from the realms of glory
56 121 The Star of the East Brightest and best of the sons of the morning
56 122 The Golden Harp Hark! what mean those holy voices
57 123 The Twinkling Stars Veil your bright heads ye twinkling stars
57 124 Christians, Awake! Christians Awake! salute the happy morn
58 126 The Holly Bough The cheerful days of Spring are fine

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