The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Oh! How Soft My Fair One's Bosom

A Love Song

Words: The Welsh "O More Gynnes Mynwes Meinwen"
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Music: "Nos Galan"
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Source: Edward Jones, Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards. A New Edition. (London: Printed for the Author, 1794), pp. 159-160. The first edition was apparently in 1784, and a third edition followed in 1808.

O mor gynnes mynwes meinwen,
     Fal la &c

O more fwyn yw llwyn Meillionen,
     Fal la &c

O more felus yw'r cusan-au
     Fal la &c

Gyda serch a mwynion eirian,
     Fal la &c

Oh! how soft my Fair one's bosom.
     Fal la &c

Oh! how sweet the grove in blossom.
     Fal la &c

Oh! how blessed are the blisses
     Fal la &c

Words of love, & mutual kisses.
     Fal la &c

Sheet Music from Edward Jones, Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards.

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This is the earliest known appearance of the tune "Nos Galan," although the tune itself is believed to be much older. This tune is now associated with the holiday carol Deck The Hall. Although the title was “Nos Galan” (New Year's Eve), this version's lyrics obviously had nothing to do with the New Year or the Christmas-tide. This is the oldest known English lyrics.

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