The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

A Collection of Dorset Carols

W. A. Pickard-Cambridge

London: A. W. Ridley & Co., 1926


William Adair Pickard-Cambridge (Dec. 14, 1879 - Mar. 4, 1957) was a classical scholar and composer who taught at Worcester College, Oxford. In addition to his significant translations of Aristotle, he published numerous carol translations in the 1920s and 1930s, together with two books: Ridley's New Series Classical Church Music (1933) and Lux Crucis: A Series of Devotions, with special Hymns (1928). Two other collections were Six Songs (1928) and Three Carols.

Some of his musical manuscripts are reposed in the Special Collections and Western Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford University. Other musical manuscripts and family documents are held at the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester. According to Rollo Woods, Pickard-Cambridge had a substantial collection of old "West Gallery" Dorset manuscripts, most of which were destroyed when his London home was destroyed in the 1940 blitz.

When doing research, it is important to distinguish William Adair ("W. A.") from his brother, Sir Arthur Wallace ("A. W.") Pickard-Cambridge (a noted Greek theatre scholar whose works are still in use, Jan. 20, 1873 - Feb. 7, 1952) and from his father, Rev. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge (a Victorian clergymen-naturalist and world authority on spiders, November 3, 1828 - Mar 9, 1917; I have also seen year of birth as 1825 and 1835). To further muddy the waters, Rev. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge had a nephew, Frederick Octavius Pickard-Cambridge, who was also a noted entomologist!

My thanks to a friend of this site, John Leake, who helped in clarifying  and correcting this page.


Table of Contents

A Virgin Most Pure (As The Prophets Did Tell)

A Virgin Pure, Both Meek And Mild

Angels We Have Heard On High

Awake And Join The Cheerful Choir

Awake, Each Heart, Rejoice And Sing

Awake, Ye Drowsy Mortals All

Behold! The Day Is Come

Behold The Morning Star

Behold The Saviour Comes

Behold What News We Bring

Beyond The Glittering Starry Skies

Blest Are The Sons Of Peace

Come All With Us, Harmonious Tongues

Come Tune Your Cheerful Voice

From Heav'n The Son Of God Descends

Hark How The Voice Is Echoed Round

Hark, Shepherds, How The Angels Sing

Have You Not Heard, Not Heard Our Saviour's Love?

How Beauteous Are Their Feet

Jesus, My Bright And Morning Star

Joy To The World (The Lord Is Come)

Let Sion And Her Sons Rejoice

Mark'd Ye The Star Whose Influence Mild

Mortals Awake, With Angels Join

Now To The World A Saviour's Born

Now Redemption Long Expected

Once More The Sweet Melodious Song

Once More We All Together Meet

Rejoice, The Glorious Day Is Come

See Seraphic Throngs Descending

Shepherds, Arise! Be Not Afraid

Shepherds Keeping Watch By Night

Sing To The Lord A New Melodious Song

The Lord, He Comes, He Comes To Bless

What Joyful News To Us Are Told

While Shepherds In The Fields Did Dwell

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night

While Shepherds Were Feeding Their Flocks In The Field

With Raptures Abounding And Music Resounding

Wrapt In The Silence Of The Night

Ye Angels, Whose Harmonious Strains

Ye Mortals All, Rejoice And Sing

Ye Sons Of Adam, Now Arise

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