The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Carols Old and Carols New

Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins
Boston: Parish Choir, 1916

Index of the Carols In the Order In Which They Appear In This Volume

Note: Only carols relating to the Christmas-tide have been extracted from this volume.

The letters in ( ) indicate the season for which the carols are suitable, viz.: C, Christmas, &c.; N. Y., New Year; Ep, Epiphany; E, Easter; Asc, Ascension; W. S., Whitsunday; T, Trinity; H, Harvest; C.D., Children's Day; F.S., Flower Services.


1In Low’ring Gloom And Cloudiness (E)
E. Handley
2All This Night Bright Angels Sing (C)W. Austin (D. 1633)Sir A. Sullivan
3Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen! (E)Rev. A. T. GurneySir A. Sullivan
4A Shepherd Band Their Flocks Are Bringing (C)M. Praetorius (?)Dr. S. P. Tuckerman
5Christmas Morning [In The Early Morning, Early] (C)Rev. F. G. LeeW. Borrow
6Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today (C)W. C. DixSamuel Smith
7Bright Angel Hosts Are Heard On High (C)CornishCornish; Arr. H. S. Irons
8Once Again, O Blessed Time (C)Rev. W. BrightRev. J. B. Dykes
9Shine Calm And Bright, Ye Moonbeams Bright (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
10Slowly Fall The Snowflakes (C)Rev. F. G. LeeW. Borrow
11Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallRev. J. B. Dykes
12Carol Sweetly Carol (C)Mrs. F. J. Van Alstyne (Fanny Crosby)T. E. Perkins
13Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain (E)8th Century; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeSir A. Sullivan
14Bright Easter Skies (E)Bishop A. BurgessG. W. Marston
15'Twas At The Matin Hour (E)14th CenturyE. Hamdley
16Foe Behind, The Deep Before, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeJ. Naylor
17Stars All Bright are Beaming (C)Rev. R. R. ChopeW. R. Holt
18Now Lift The Carol, Men And Maids (C)Rev. A. M. MorganA.H. Brown
19Blithely From The Moated Churchyard (C)J. E. BRev. R. F. Smith
20Gently Falls The Winter Snow (C) Rev. E. Caswall H. S. Irons
21If Angels Sung Our Saviour's Birth (E)
A. H. Brown
22Carol We The Blessing (E)
B. K. Atkyns
23Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly (C)Rev. A. T. GurneyRev. A. T. Gurney
24On This Glorious Easter Morning (E)
25Singing Reapers Homeward Come (H)
W. H. Gill
26Holy Is The Seed Time (H)M. A. HeadlamAlbert Lowe
27Sleep, My Saviour, Sleep (C)Rev. S. Baring-GouldBohemian; Arr. By Rev. R. F. Smith
28Silent Night, Holy Night (C)Tr. by Young From The German Of J. MohrF. Gruber
29Carol, Carol, Christians (C)Bishop A. C. CoxeM. Lindsay
30Mortals, Awake, The Morning Is Breaking (C)
M. A. F.
31Shepherds, Rejoice! Lift Up Your Eyes (C)West Of EnglandTraditional; Arr. By H. S. Irons
32Hark! What Sounds Are Sweetly Stealing (C)

33Sing Ye The Songs of Praise (C)Rev. W. LayngMrs. C. Farebrother
34Let Heaven And Earth Rejoice And Sing (C)TraditionalJ.W. Sidebotham
35There Came Three Kings Ere Break of Day (C)Rev. G. MoulttieRev. R. F. Smith
36Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices (C)Rev. J. CawoodG. B. Arnold
37Moving O'er The Troubled Waters (W. S.)
Rev. A. Ulmann
38God, Who Rulest Through The Ages (T)
Rev. A. Ulmann
39God Hath Sent His Angels (E)Bishop Phillips BrooksJ. C. D. Parker
40Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
41Easter Flowers And Dressing (E)
A. H. Brown
42World Itself Keeps Easter Day, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hodtles
43Lo! A Star, Ye Sages Hoary (C)S. K. CowanW. Newport
44There Came A Little Child To Earth (C)Emily E. S. ElliottRev. R. Brown-Borthwick
45Angel Hosts in Bright Array (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
46Ye Happy Bells Of Easter Day (E)Alt. By Rev. R. R. ChopeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
47Awake! Awake! 'Tis Easter Morn (E)Rev. J. H. ·HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
48Shine, O Sun, In Splendour Bright (E)
H. H. Colburn
49Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today (C)W. C. DixHenry Gadsby
50Behold A Little Child (C)Bishop W. W. HowR. Brown-Borthwick
51A Song And A Carol For Christmas-tide (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
52From Far Away We Come To You (C)W. MorrisRev. J. B. Dykes
53Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts To Heaven (E)Bishop Chr. WordsworthF. Westlake
54Easter Sunshine Breaks Again, The (E)

55Easter Flowers, Easter Carols (E)W. J. RobertsRev. W. H. A. Hall
56Morn Of Beauty! Morn Of Gladness (E)
E. Handley
57Birds Are Singing On The Trees, The (Asc)
Bishop H. L. Jenner
58Come, Let Us Sing The Story (C)
H. W. Little
59Hark! The Full-Voiced Choir Is Singing (C)Rev. R. R. ChopeW. Gowman
60In The Field With Their Flocks Abiding (C)Rev. F. W. FarrerJ. Farmer
61Let Every Heart Now Dance With Joy (C)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
62Easter Day Hath Dawned Again (E)
C.A. Barry
63Christ Is Risen, All Triumphant (E)
Rev. A. Ulmann
64Now All The Bells Are Ringing (E)
Rev. J. B. Dykes
65Come Forth And Bring Your Garlands (E)Mrs. J. W. AndersonRev. A. Ulmann
66Good News From The Hills of Judea (C)
Madame Sainton-Dolby
67The Stars Are Shining Bright and Clear (C)
Rev. E. W. Bullinger
68Ring The Bells, The Christmas Bells (C)Agnes BurneyA.H. Brown
69Come To The Manger, In Bethlehem (C)
Samuel Smith
70The Joyful Morn in Breaking (C)
E. J. Hopkins
71No Room In The Inn (C) H. J. Ganntlett
72Christ The Lord Is Risen Again (E)M. Weisse; Tr. By C. WinkworthRev. J. S. B. Hodges
73Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright (E)
Rev. Sir F. A. G. Ouseley
74Soldiers, Awake! This Is The Festal Hour (E)
W. H. Waiter
75Heaven With Rosy Morn (E)Bishop J. WilliamsJ. R. Higinbotham
76At The Early Easter Morn(E)
J. A. Johnson
77Ring Out, Ye Throbbing Stars Of Night (C)
Mrs. J. H. Barbour
78O Dark Was The Night (C)
B. W. J. Trevaldwyn
79Carol, Brothers, Carol (C)Rev. W. A. MuhlenbergRev. W. A. Muhlenberg
80Silent Stars Were Watching (C)
Rev. W. H. A. Hall
81Blessed Night, When Bethlehem's Plain (C)Rev. H. BonerJ. W. Sidebotham
82Sing We Now Of Joy And Gladness (C)W. GilbertW. Gilbert
83The Bells Are Ringing Glad And Sweet (C)
D. E. Hervey
84Star of Glory, Brightly Streaming (C)
J. Garnett
85No Room Within The Dwelling (C)
Rev. R. F. Dale
86'Neath The Stars That Shone So Bright (C)
Matthew Cooke
87Near The Tomb Where Jesus Slept (E)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
88Christ Is Risen! Alleluia! (E)Rev. J. S. B, MonsellF. C. Maker
89Sweetly The Birds Are Singing (E)
C.F. Roper
90O Holy Church, But Yester-Night (E)
Rev. H. G. Batterson And Rev. W. Staunton
91Christ The Lord Is Risen To-Day (E)
92Sing Alleluia, All Ye Lands (E)Rev. J. M. NealeTraditional
93O'er The Hill And O'er The Vale (C & Ep)Rev. J. M. NealeF. J. Dugetd

The Christmas Message [A Message From Our Father] (C)

H. L. Binnco
95Oh! Sing A Merry Carol (C)
C.F. Roper
96When Christ Was Born Of Pure Marie (C)Harleian MS. Alt. By Rev. R. R. ChopeH. S. Irons
97Ring Out, Ring Out, O Christmas Bells (C)Katherine IngmiseC.F. Roper
98In The Lonely Midnight (C)Rev. T. C. WilliamsA. P. Howard
99Sing, O Sing, This Blessed Morn (C)Bishop Chr. WordsworthC. F. Roper
100Nowell. Hail, Gentle King (C)W. MaristowW. Mariatow
101Ring Out, Ring Out A Joyful Peal (C)H. G. DuitieldW. Borrow
102Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright (E)
J. T. Field
103Ostera! Spirit Of Spring-Time (E)
J. I. Alexander
104All Hail The Gladsome Easter Morn (E)
Bowness Briggs.
105Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen! (E)Rev. A. T. GurneyJ. T. Field
106See, The Morning Star is Dwelling (C)Rev. W. WoodJ. E. Pinkham
107While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (C)N. Tate1) A. P. Howard

2) H. S. Irons

108What Child Is This (C)W. C. DixJ. T. Field
109Hark! How The Bells At Midnight Hour (C)Rev. J. B. PowellRev. J. B. Powell
110Christmas Comes Again (C) Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
111The World Itself Keeps Easter Day (E)Rev. J. M. NealeJohn A. Preston
112Christ Hath Arisen (E)  
113Crown Is On The Victor's Brow, The (E)Unknown Date And Authorship; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hedges
114A Rhyme, A Rhyme, For Easter Time (E)Rev. G. P. GranthamG. B. Lissant
115Lord Is Risenl Is Men Indeed, The (E)
E. Lienalley
116Morning Purples All The Sky, The (E)Tr. By Rev. A. R. Thompson
117A Meteor Bright Its Wondrous Light (C)
E. Lemare
118O'er The Plains, The Darkness Deepens (C)Rev. W. J. VernonRev. W. J. Vernon
119Christmas Songs Are Ringing Now (C)
120The Christmas Bells Are Ringing (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamFlemish; Arr. By H. S. Irons
121Gentle Saviour, Day And Night (C)Tr. By Rev. S. Baring-GouldFrench Flanders; Harm. By Rev. H. F. Sheppard
122Moonbeams Are Streaming (E)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
123Christ Is Risenl Christ Is Risen! (E)
Mrs. L. E. Moroehouse
124World Itself Keeps Easter Day, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeL. H. Redner
125Chist Is Risen! Alleluia! (E)Rev. J. S. B. MonsellG. C. Pearson
126Joyously, Joyously, Silvery Clear (C)
A. C. White
127On the Birthday of the Lord (C)Tr. By Rev. R. F. LittledaleRev. J. B. Dykes
128Joyfully, Joyfully Angels Are Singing (C)
C. F. Roper
129Carol We High, Carol We Low (C)
A. Redhead
130Hark! Sweet Angel Voices Singing (C)T. FletcherW. T. Belcher
131Child Jesus Lay on Mary's Knee (C)
Rev. C. M. Conant
132Ring Out The Anthem, Jesus Lives (E)
C. Fitzsimmons
133Let The Whole World Chant And Sing (E)Tr. By Rev. E. H. PlumptreHenry Smart
134Put On Thy Beautiiul Robes (E)W. C. DixG. B. Lissant
135Sing, O Sing, Ye Children (E)
G. C. Pearson
136Have You Heard The Wondrous Story (E)
H.W. Parker
137O Let Us All, Rejoicing (H)Rev. S. C. HamertonH. S. Irons
138Fields Are White To Harvest, The (H)Rev. S. Baring-GouldRev. H. F. Sheppard
139Make Melody Within Your Hearts (H)
Rev. F. A. J. Hervey
140Come Forth, Come Forth, Brave Reapers (H)Rev. G. MoulttieG. B. Lissant
141Child Divine [List Afar! What Angel Voices] (C)Rev. F. K. HariordSir J. F. Bridge
142See Amid The Winter's Snow (C)Rev. E. CaswallR. A. Smith
143The First Christmas Night (C) [I Should Like To Have Heard The Angels]Rev. E. HusbandW. H. Sangster
144Hark! What Heavenly Sounds Are Floating (C)
H. T. Tiltman
145While In Peaceful Slumbers Lying (C)
H. T. Tatman
146Easter Sunshine Breaks Again, The (E)
G. E. Oliver
147He Is Risen, He Is Risen (E)
R.R. Amdell
148Put On, Put On Your Best Array (E)
E. Greatorex
149Hallelujah! Raise The Song (E)
J. W. Andrews
150Merrily The Easter Bells (E)Rev. R. R. ChopeG. B. Lissant
151Joyful Tidings Of A Saviour (C)Rev. E. A. H. BeslyRev. S. M. Nourse
152Hark! The Joyful Christmas Greeting (C)
F. T. Southwick
153Hark! The Herald Angels Singing (C)
Rev. R. F. Smith
154Over Hills And Over Plains (C)C. L. MatteauxG. Saunders
155Through The Midnight Air (C)J. GoddardF. W. Dawkins
156Christians, Listen, While We Sing (C)Rev. F. H. GroomeRev. R. F. Smith
157Let The Song Be Begun (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. E. S. Medley
158Ring Out, Sweet Easter Bells (E)
James Blaikie
159Day Of Resurrection, The (E)S. John Damascene, Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeRev.-W. H. Vibbert
160Hark! Bright Angels Sweetly Sing (E)Rev. R. R. ChopeH. S. Irons
161Beyond The Starry Skies (E)
F. O. Marvin
162Away! With Loyal Heart And True (C)Rev. J. B. GrayRev. J. B. Gray
163All Jubilant With Psalm and Hymn (C)Rev. F. W. FarratSir J. F. Bridge
164O Lovely Voices Of The Sky (C)Mrs. F. D. HemansTraditional
165Softly The Night Is Sleeping (C)
J. M. Crament
166Come, Ye, Lift Your Joyous Voices (E)
Bowness Briggs
167Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealeJames Blaikie
168Raise The Song For Easter (E)
Rev. B. E. Backus
169O Joyous Easter Morning (E)
G. E. Oliver
170Hallelujah! Song Of Triumph (E)Rev. G. ThringRev. R. F. Smith
171There Dwelt In Old Judea (C)D. R. RaymondJ. P. Harding
172Ring On, Ye Joyous Christmas Bells (C)Rev. H. G. BattersonHenry Wilson
173What Do They Say, These Bells To Me? (C)G. W. BrindleyCaleb Simper
174All My Heart This Night Rejoices (C)P. Gerhardt, Tr. By C. WinkworthA. Esmond
175The Night In Solemn Stillness (C)
J. G. Smith
176Tell The Story Of The Risen (E)Bishop W. C. DoaneJ. A. Jeffery
177Rejoice! To-Day Earth Tells Abroad (E)W. C. DixRev. R. F. Smith
178Let The Merry Church Bells Ring [Easter Bells] (E)J. M. NealeA. P. Howard
179Christ Is Risen! Lift The Song (E)Rev. R. R. ChopeRev. R. F. Smith
180Crown Is On The Victor’s Brow, The (E)Of Unknown Date And Authorship; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeJ. T. Field
181Angels We Have Heard On High (C)
Old French
182Infant So Gentle, So Pure And So Sweet (C)
183O Night, Peaceful And Blest (C)
184The Christmas Stars Are Shining (C)J. OoddardF. W. Dawkins
185Good News We Bring And Peace [From Realms Of Glory Far Away] (C)G. W. BrindleyC. Simper
186Ring Out, Sweet Bells (C) W. J. Westbrook
187Shades Of Silent Night (C)Rev. G. W. DruceC. H. Sunderland
188The Christmas Bells Are Ringing (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamC. H. Sunderland
189The Christmas Comes (C) C. H. Sunderland
190Christ, We Sing Thy Saving Passion (E)W. C. DixG. B. Lissaut
191'Twas On This Easter Morning (E)
G. E. Oliver
192Every Flower That Blossoms (E)
G. E. Oliver
193Joy Of Joys! He Lives, He Lives (E)Rev. W. J. IronsRev. H. F. Sheppard
194Days Grow Longer (E)Rev. J. M. NealeG. W. Warren
195It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (C)Rev. E. H. SearsJ. R. Higinbotham
196Sing, Sing For Christmas (C)Rev. J. H. EgarRev. J. S. B. Hodges
197Ring The Joyful Christmas Bells (C)
Frank Peskett
198Now Join We All With Holy Mirth (C)Henry BluntSir J. Stainer
199Bells Are Ringing Joyfully, The (E)
O. E, Oliver
200Chime, Chime, Merrily Chime (E)
G. E. 0liver
201Songs Of Gladness (E)
J. E. N.
202Near The Tomb Where Christ Hath Been (E)Rev. G. MoultrieM. S. Skefiingtou
203Watching In The Meadows (C)R. S. WatsonM. B. Foster
204Hark! I Hear, Sweet And Clear (C)R. S. WatsonM. B. Foster
205Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallF. W. Partridge
206Bravely Chime, O Easter Bells (E)Elizabeth ClaxtonJ. R. Higinbotham
207Let The Song Be Begun (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
208Christ Our God And Lord Is Risen (E)
Rev. J. S. B. Hodges
209O Earth, On Easter Morning (E)
G. E. Oliver
210O'er The Mountains (C) M. M. Simpson
211Christians, Carol Sweetly (C)W. C. DixW. Spinney
212Ring Merrily, Ring Merrily (C)
J. W. Treadwell
213Hark! The Song of Choirs Angelic (C)Rev. F. St. J. CorbettE. Lancaster
214Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealeG. W. Warren
215Days Grow Longer (E)Rev. J. M. NealeAncient Melody; Harm. By Rev. T. Helmore
216World Itself Keeps Easter Day, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev, R. F. Smith
217Joyful Is The Morn [Once Again The Olden Story] (C)E. OxenfordE. Bunnett
218Ring The Bells, The Christmas Bells (C)Agnes BurneyT. C. Dean
219Sing We Merry Christmas (C)Rev. C. T. BowenRev. C. T. Bowen
220Ring Out The Bells For Christmas (C)Rev. E. A. WashburnRev. J. S. B. Hodges
221Twine The Easter Garland (E)Rev. J. BownesG. B. Lissant
222Across The Eastern Hill-Tops (E)
J. R. Fairlamb
223Christ Is Risen From The Dead (E)
A. N. H.
224Hail, Easter Bright, In Glory Delight (E)
16th Cent. Melody; Harm. By C. Wood
225Pearly Gates Aside Are Rolled, The (Asc)Rev. G. P. GranthamH. S. Irons
226See, The Morning Fair And Bright (C)
A.H. Brown
227Christian People Come and Sing (C)
J. C. Macy
228There Were Shepherds Watching (C)
A. A. Wild
229Upon The Snow-Clad Earth (C)Rev. R. R. ChopeH. J. Gauntlett
230On Christmas Night True Christians Sing (C)
A. H. Brown
231Day Of Resurrection, The (E)S. John Damascene; Tr. By Rev, J. M. NealeG. E. Oliver
232O Lord Of All, With Us Abide (E)Tr. Fr. Latin In "Hy. A. & M."C. J. Wilson
233We Sing To-Day Our Easter Hymn (E)
W. D. Armstrong
234In The Star Of Morning (E)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. R. F. Smith
235There Came Three Kings (C & E Flat)
Charles Vincent
236All This Night Bright Angels Sing (C)W. AustinJ. T. Field
237Carol, Sweetly Carol, Raise  (C)
W. Shaxrot
238Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallJ. T. Field
239Christians, Carol Sweetly (C)W. C. DixH. S. Irons
240Hark! The Christmas Songs Are Singing (C)
Rev. G. J. Magill
241Day Of Wonder, Day Of Gladness (E)B. H. HallG. E. Oliver
242Little Christian Children, Say (E)
Charles Vincent
243Bright Easter Day (E)Rev. H. G. BattersonA.H. Brown
244World Itself Keeps Easter Day, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeG. W. Warren
245O Little Babe! In Bethlehem Born (C)
A. F. Warner
246A Little Child Is Born Tonight (C)
A. H. Brown
247This Happy Morn A King Is Born (C)Mrs. Howard WatsonT. H. Spinney
248Ring Out The Bells For Christmas (C)Rev. E. A. WashburnRev. J. S. B. Hodges
249Faithful People, Now Rejoice (E)Jla. EverestG. B. Lissant
250Lift Up Thy Voice With Singing (E)G. SeldenG. E. Ohver
251Let The Song Be Begun (E)Rev. J. M. NealeG. W. Warren
252Awake, Glad Soul, Awake (E)
W. A. Smith
253Angels Bright Their Pinions Folding (C)
F. Adlam
254Ring The Bells, The Christmas Bells (C)Agnes BurneyC. Erskine
255O The Beautiful Old Story (C)Louisa M. AlcottRev. G. C. E. Ryley
256Sleep, My Infant Saviour (C)Rev. G. T. RiderH. de Koven Rider
257All This Night Bright Angels Sing (C)W. AustinF. Fruttchey
258Hark! The Merry Christmas Bells (C)M.A. HofiandM.A. Hofiand
259As Those Who Seek The Break Of Day (E)W.C. DixRev. R. F. Smith
260Ring Out Ye Joyous Easter Bells (E)
G. E. Oliver
261Snowdrops, Lift Your Timid Heads (E)M. A. LathburyG. E. Oliver
262Winter-Tide Hath Passed Away (E)14th CenturyPiae Cantiones; Harm. By B. L. Selby
263Hail, Sweet Babe, So Pure And Holy (C)E. WiglesworthG. E. Oliver
264Christmas Time Has Come Again (C)The Misses LattaG. E. Oliver
265Happy Bells Are Ringing (C)
G. E. Oliver
266The First Nowell That The Angel Did Say (C)TraditionalTraditional
267Rejoice! The Christ Is Risen (E)
G. E. 0liver
268On The Eve Before The Sabbath (E)Rev. S. C. ClarkeA. H. Brown
269There Stood Three Marles By The Tomb (E)Rev. J. M. NealeJ. B. Lifter
270The Stars Are Shining Bright and Clear (C)
E. Bunnett
271Long, Long Ago, The Angel Throng (C)Rev. F. C. FisherF. A. Keene
272Sweet Angels, Ever Bright And Fair (C)T. D. HydeC. Simper
273Glad Angel Voices [On Dewy Plain Where Shepherds Were Abiding] (C)
F. R. Rickman
274List, I Hear The Angels Singing (E)
G. E. Oliver
275Fishers Sat Within Their Boat, The (E)
H. E. Button
276Lo, The Winter Is Past (E)A. F. M. CustanceA. F. M. Custance
277Sing With All The Sons Of Glory (E)Rev. W. J. IronsA. F. M. Custance
278Awake! Awake! Glad Voices Make (E)Rev. W. W. NewtonRev. C. O. Arnold

Eastern Monarchs, Sages Three (C) Tres Magi De Ge. Stibus

15th CenturyMel. Fr. Andernach Gesangbuch; Har. By Rev. G. R. Woodward
280A Day, A Day of Glory (C)Rev. J. M. NealeOld French; Harm. By C. Wood
281With Our Songs We Greet Thee (C)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
282Come, All Friends, And Keep The Feast (C)
Rev. H. F. Sheppard
283Come, Listen To My Story (C)Rev. G. R. Woodward16thcentury Mel.; Harm. By J. R. Lunn
284A Virgin Did Come (C)Rev. S. C. ClarkG. H. Gregory
285Children Here On Earth Who Dwell (C)H. KnightH. Knight
286Ring, Happy Bells Of Christmas Time (C)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
287Christian Children, Wake And Listen (C)"Children's Manual"G. E. Oliver
288The Winds Were Wailing (C)Rev. S. Baring-GouldLeaneven
289Star of Bethlehem, Sweetly Shining (C)A. S. WoodaC. Simper
290Holy Was That Night So Fair (C)A. CampbellA. Hollins
291Hallelujah! Raise The Song (E)
A.H. Brown
292World Itself Keeps Easter Day, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. G. R. Woodward
293Bird And Blossom, Leaf And Tree (E)
A.A. Wild
294Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright (E)
A. F. M. Custance
295By The Thorny Way Of Sorrow (E)
G. E. Oliver
296O'er Hill And Dell The Christmas (C)
H. Knight
297Christmas Morning [In The Early Morning, Early] (C)Rev. F. G. LeeG. E. Oliver
298O Little Town of Bethlehem (C)Bishop Phillips BrooksA. F. M. Custance
299Wise Men From Egypt's Ancient Land (C)May P. HoytG. E. Oliver
300Morning Is Breaking (C)
G. E. Oliver
301Carol! Carol Joyfully (C)A. S. WoodsC. Simper
302O Ring Ye Bells, Sweet Christmas Bells (C)
Charles Darnton
303All Hail The Gladsome Easter Morn (E)
H. E. Earle
304Welcome, Happy Morning (E)Tr. Fr. Fortunatus (6th Cent.) By Rev. J. EllertonRev. C. O. Arnold
305Alleluiai Sing The Triumph (E)E. Mabel DawsonA.H. Brown
306Chime Out, Ye Bells Of Beauty (E)
G. E. Oliver
307Once Again With Joyful Voices (E)
G. E. Oliver
308Upon The Snow-Clad Earth (C)Rev. R. R. ChopeSir A. Sullivan

Ye Bells Of Christmas Time [Ye Bells, Ye Bells, Ye Happy Bells] (C)

A. Betridge
310Bethlehem Land [Fair The Night In Bethlehem Land] (C)Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
311Once In Bethlehem Of Judah (C)Cecil F. AlexanderC. E. Kettle
312Sweetly Sang The Angels (C)J. JulianT. F. Dunhill
313Sing For Joy, Sing For Joy (E)
E. H. Ruel
314Sadly In The Gathering Gloom (E)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
315Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealeL. H. Redney
316We Will Be Merry, Far And Wide (E)German Of 14th CentM. Praetorius
317World Itself Is Blithe And Gay, The (E)Kolnisches GesangbuchKolnisches Gesangbuch; Har. By Rev. G. R. Woodward
318Jesus, Our Saviour, We Welcome Thy Rising (E)
S. P. Warren
319In The Hallowed Manger (C)Rev. R. E. AdderleyT. Adams
320Hail, Gentle Jesus (C)J. G. AJ. G. A
321Sweet Mary Lulled Her Blessed Child (C)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
322O Little Town of Bethlehem (C)Bishop Phillips BrooksJosiah Booth
323Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallA. F. M. Custance
324All My Heart This Night Rejoices (C)P. Gerhardt; Tr. By C. WinkworthH. W. Parker
325Angels Singing Church Bells Ringing (C)Mrs. C. F. HemamahGerman
326Ring Out, Ye Wild And Merry Bells (C)
C. Maitland
327The Shepherds Were Watching (C)E. H. CookeE. W. S. Watson
328Again The Morn Of Gladness (E)Rev. J. EllertonSir J. Stainer
329Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealeH. S. Cutler
330Alleluia! Risen Lord (E)
H. Wilson
331Softly Through The Mellow Starlight (E)
G. E. Oliver
332We Are Little Children (E)
G. E. Oliver
333Ring The Bells, The Christmas Bells (C)Agnes BurneyAlfred Oake
334O Christmas, Merry Christmas (C)Frances R. HavergalM. B. Foster
335On The First Bright Christmas Day (C)
C. J. Ridsdale
336All My Heart This Night Rejoices (C)P. Gerhardt; Tr. By C. WinkworthJ. Booth
337Christ Was Born on Christmas Day (C)
338List Our Merry Carol (C)  
339Christ Is Born Of Maiden Fair (C)
H. J. Gauntlett
340Arise, Arise, The Morning Bells (C)'Rev. H. R. HaweisEdwin Moss
341Yule Returns; Come, Christian People (C)Rev. R. WathamV. B. Crowther-Benyon
342Good Christian Men Rejoice (C)Rev. J. M. NealeTrier Gesangbuch
343O'er Bethlehem's Hill, In Time Of Old (C)M. G. PearseLiversey Carrott
344We Three Kings Of Orient Are (C & Ep.)Rev. J. H, HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
345Angels' Songs This Joyful Day, The (E)
A. Redhead
346Now All The Bells Of Easter Ring (E)
F. R. Price
347Three Women Went Forth (E)
Arr. Fr. Haydn
348Let Us Sing Alleluia To-Day (E)
E. H. E. A.
349O Welcome, Happy Day (E)
Henry Smith
350Risen Lord To-Day Is King, The (E)Rev. J. C. MiddletonL. H. Redner
351Carolling, Carolling, All Thro' The Night (C)Rev. T. D. HydeC. Simper
352The Wise Men Saw A Light Afar (C)Rev. R. R. ChopeH. J. Gaunttett

A Cradle-Song of the Blessed Virgin [Virgin Stills The Crying, The](C)

Tr. Fr. The Latin By Rev. H. R. BramleySir J. Barnby

Like Silver Lamps In A Distant Shrine [Also as The Manger Throne] (C)

W. C. DixC. Steggall
355Within A Manger Bare He Lay (C)
A. Redhead
356Carol, Carol, Christians (C)Bishop A. C. CoxeRev. R. F. Smith
357Christmas Comes Again [Let Us Carols Sing] (C)
C. Darnton
358Be Merry, Christian Men, And Sing [Also as Happy Christmas Morning] (C)A. S. WoodsC. Simper

Child Jesus Came To Earth This Day (C)

Barn Jesus Ien Krybbe Lad

Tr. Fr. Danish Of Hans Christian AndersenN.W. Gade
360Tenderly Sleeping So Tranquil and Sweet (C)
G. S. W.
361Sweetly Sang The Angels (C)Rev. J. JulianW. T. Crossley
362Joy-Bells Ringing, Children Singing (E)
C Vincent
363Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright (E)
A.H. Brown
364Deck The Altar With Blossoms Fair (E)
Rev. J. S. B. Hckiges
365'Twas About The Dead Of Night (E)

366Ye Sons And Daughters Of The King (E)17th Century; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeG. W. Warren
367Ring Out The Bells For Christmas (C)Rev. E. A. WashburnJ. Mosenthal
368Everywhere, Everywhere, Christmas To-night (C)Bishop Phillips BrooksL. H. Redner
369Joy, Ye People, Great And Small (C)Rev. F. K. HarfordSir J. F. Bridge
370The Children's King (C)
Old Melody
371Ring, Ring The Bells, The Joyful Bells (C)
F. A. Challinor
372Holy Night, Peaceful Night (C)Tr. Fr. Rev. J. MohrSir J. Barnby
373Wonderful Night! (C)
Bishop J. F. Young

Glad Christmas Comes Again [The Merry Bells For Us They Ring] (C)

H. H. SutcliffeH. H. Sutchiffe
375Christ Was Born on Christmas Day (C)

376Hear The Angels Telling (C)
F. Iliffe
377Christ Was Born On Christmas Night (C)Bishop C. W. StubbsSir T. Wardle
378Three Kings From Out The Orient (C)Rev. T. E. BrownW. H. Gill
379Merrily The Easter Bells (E)Rev. R. R. ChopeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
380Do You Hear The Children Crying (E)Rev. C. C. RollittRev. J. D. Herron
381Give Ear, Give Ear, Good Christian Man (E)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantiones
382We Sing Our Saviour's Praises (E)Margaret FordMrs. H. A. Farnsworth
383Past Is Lenten Sadness (E)
Sir J. F. Bridge
384Breaks The Joyful Easter Dawn (E)Lucy LarcomGerman
385Buds Are Bursting On The Trees, The (E)Mabel G. OsgoodR. H. Clouston, Jr.
386God When He Made This World Below (H)
A. Redhead
387Over All The Land Is Glowing (H)Rev. J. BrettA.H. Brown
388Wheat And Barley Bright With Sunshine (H)G. W. BrindleyC. Simper
389Fields Of Gold Are Glowing (H)I. J . PostgateA. H. Brown
390Soft The Autumn Suns Are Shining (H)Rev. R. GurneyW. F. Homer
391O Lord, Who Shed'st The Sunlight's Gold (H)W. H. JewittRev. R. F. Smith
392Sweetest Music, Softly Stealing (C)G. W. BrindleyC. Simper
393O Christmas Bells, Ring Far And Near (C)Rev. T. D. HydeC. Simper
394O Lovely Star That Shone So Bright (C)
C. Simper
395Waken, Christians! Greet The Morn (C)A. S. WoodsC. Simper
396Softly The Night Is Sleeping (C)
C. Simper
397Clear Upon The Night Air Sounding (C)
Rev. J. S. B. Hodges
398The Flocks Were Wrapt In Slumber (C)Rev. R. F. SmithRev. R. F. Smith
399Joy And Gladness (C)Rev. G. W. BethuneG. B. Lissant
400Hark! Hear Ye Not The Angel Song (C)Rev. G. ThringTraditional
401Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly (C)Rev. A. T. GurneySir G. J. Elvey
402What Child Is This, Who, Laid To Rest? (C)W. C. DixOld English
403Angels Sat In The Garden-Tomb, The (E)

404Roman Soldier, Tell Us True (E)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
405Let The Song Be Begun (E)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantiones

Christ The Lord Hath Risen (E)

Christus Ist Erstanden

12th Century. 12th Cent.; Harm. By Rev. G. R. Woodward

Sing The Battle Sharp And Glorious (E)

Pange lingua gloriosi proelium certaminis

Fortunatas, 6 Cent.; Tr. By W. J. BlewE. G. Monk
408Sweet Child Divine, Of Lowly Grace (C)Rev. J. BrettA. H. Brown

On Yesternight I Saw A Sight [Also as The Virgin And The Child] (C)

Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
410Hail, Sweet Babe,So Pure And Holy (C)E. WiglesworthE. Pettman
411Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly (C)Rev. A. T. GurneyP. F. M. Custance
412Waken! Christian Children (C)Rev. S. C. HamertonRev. S. C. Hamerton
413A Shepherd Band Their Flocks Are Bringing (C)M. Praetorius (?)M. Praetorius
414O’er Old Judea’s Hills (C)
T. Crampton
415Good King Wenceslas Looked Out (C)Rev. J. M. NealeTraditional
416The Snow Lay On The Ground (C)Old EnglishTune Of The Pifferari
417Young And Old Must Raise The Lay (C)Rev. J. M. NealeAachen Gesangbuch
418There's A Wonderful Tree (C)Mrs. M. N. MeigsF. Schilling
419Silent Night! Hallow'd Night! (C)Tr. Fr. J. MohrTrier Gesangbuch
420See Amid The Winter's Snow (C)Rev. E. CaswallFrench Carol
421Glory To God In The Highest (C)Rev. W. J. IronsMendelssohn
422Now Sing We A Strain Of Joy (H)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham
423Thine, Lord, Are The Blessings (H)Bishop E. H. BickerstethC. Vincent
424Now Let Us Raise Our Harvest Song (H)
C. Simper
425Rising Mom, The Dosing Day, The (H)
E. Ryley
426Come, Children, Llft Your Voices (H)Mrs. C. F. HernamanRev. G. C. F. Ryley
427Once More The Liberal Year Laughs Out (H)J. G. WhittierJ. W. Elliott
428Hark! A Burst of Heavenly Music (C)Mrs. M. N. MeigsF. Schilling

The First Good Joy That Mary Had [Also as The Seven Joys Of Mary] (C)

430Christ Was Born on Christmas Day (C)
G. E. Oliver
431Saw You Never, In The Twilight? (C)Cecil F. AlexanderMozart
432Glad News, Glad News, A-Near And Far (C)


The Shepherd's Song [Shepherds Five In A Ring] (C)

Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
434Once In Bethlehem Of Judah (C)Cecil F. AlexanderJ. H. Maunder
435Once O'er The Fields Of Bethlehem (C)
J. Booth

The Great God of Heaven [Also as The Incarnation] (C)

Rev. H. R. BramleyTraditional
437The Cedar Of Lebanon (C)Rev. R. F. LittledaleOld Melody; Arr. By E. Sedding
438Sing The Carol! Raise Your Voices! (N.Y.)Rev. C. H. WoodH. S. Irons
439A Thousand Years Have Come and Gone (C)T. T. LynchTraditional; Re-Arr. By Sir A. Sullivan
440Sing Sweet Carols, Night Is Past (E)C. L. JacksonS. B. Whiteley
441Easter Dawn Is Breaking, The (E)Margaret FordMrs. H. A. Farnsworth
442Ring Out, Sweet Easter-Bells (E)Rev. J. AnketellRev. J. Anketell
443As Mary Walked In The Garden Green (E)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. R. F. Smith
444Let Us Tell The Story (E)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantiones; Harm. By Rev. G. H. Palmer
445Carol We Joyfully (Asc.)Rev. S. C. ClarkeA. H. Brown
446Bring Them To The Master (F. S.)
Rev. G. C. E. Ryley
447Gathered In The House Divine (F. S.)Bishop G. E. MouleM. S. Skeffington
448All Is Bright And Cheedul (F. S. Or C. D.)Rev. J. M. NealeW. H. Walter
449Coming From The Winter (E)
T. R. G. Joze
450Song Of Spring Once More We Sing, A (F. S. Or C.D.) .W. H. GroserJ. Booth
451Summer Days Are Come Again, The (F. S. Or C.D.)Rev. S. LongfellowTraditional
452Beauteous Are The Flowers Of Earth (F. S.)W. C. DixSir J. Stainer
453Now Sing We A Song For The HarvestRev. J. W. ChadwickS. Reay
454Hearken To The Thankful Reapers (It) (H)Rev. J. BownesRev. R. F. Smith
455Good News, Good News Is Sent (H)W. H. JewittRev. R. F. Smith
456Come, Hear Ye How God's Priest Of Old (H)W. H. JewittG. B. Lissant
457Gather Them In (H)
Henry Smith
458Ring, Bells, Ring (H)M. O. BrownM. O. Brown
459The Stars Are Brightly Shining (C)Margaret FordMrs. H. A. Farnsworth

Carol of the Birds [Whence Comes This Rush Of Wings] (C)

Noull Des Ausels

461Now Let Us Sing The Angel's Song (C)Frances R. HavergalA. Randegger
462Lo! A Fair Rose Is Blooming (C)German Of 15th CentM. Praetorius

A Babe Is Born In Bethlehem (C)

Puer Natus In Bethlehem

Tr. By Rev. C. P. Krauth15th Cent. Trad.
464O'er The Hill And O'er The Vale (C & Ep)Rev. J. M. Neale"In Vernali Tempore;" Arr. By Rev. G. R. Woodward
465O'er Bethlehem's Hill, In Time Of Old (C)M. G. PearseA. E. Floyd
466Joyful Is The Morn [Once Again The Olden Story] (C)E. OxenfordG. E. Oliver
467See Amid The Winter's Snow (C)Rev. E. CaswallSir J. Goss
468All The Skies Tonight Sang Oer Us (C)Rev. J. O'ConnorGerman
469Gather Around the Christmas Tree (C)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins

There Came Three Kings From Eastern Land (C)

Esfiihrt Drei Kunige Gottes Itand

Koln GesangbuchHarm. By B. L. Selby

The Quest Of The Three Kings [From Silver Gates Of Ecbatoun] (C)

Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
472He Is Risen From The Dead (E)Mrs. C. F. HernamanA.H. Brown
473At Easter Morn The Lark Ascending (E)Tr. Fr. E. GeibelJ. H. Knecht
474Breaks The Joyful Easter Dawn (E)Lucy LarcomH. G. Gilmore

The Little Flowers Came Through The Ground (E)

At Happy Easter Time

Laura E. Richards And W. HawkinsKarl Reinecke
476Golden Harps Are Sounding (Asc.)Frances R. HayergalRev. E. P. Parker

Ye Heavens, Uplift Your Voice (E)

Plaudite Codi

14th Or 15th CentPiae Cantones; Hat. By Rev. G. R. Woodward
478Sing Your Carols To-Day (W. S.)Rev. J. C. MiddletonG. W. Warren
479Sower Went Forth Sowing, The (H)Rev. W. St. H. BourneSir J. F. Bridge
479aLittle Birds Are Singing (C. D.)M. E. J. ApplebyC. L. Naylor
480Lord Of The Harvest! Thee We Hail (H)J. H. GurneyG. B. Lissant
481Flowers In Garden, Field And Wood, The (F. S.)H.F. NichollsH.F. Nicholls
482Heavenly Father, God Alone (H)Rev. G. MoulttieG. B. Lissant
483It Is A Day Of Gladness (F. S. Or C.D.)Mrs. C. F. HemamahC.A. Barry
484Pansies, Lilies, Roses (F. S.)C. GriffithsJ. Booth
485Earth Below Is Teeming (H)Rev. J. S. B. Monsell
486There's a Song In The Air (C)J. G. HollandRev. G. E. Martin
487'Twas Jolly, Jolly Wat (C)Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
488Sing With Joy, 'Tis Christmas Morn (C)Mrs. C. F. HemamahSir J. Stainer
489The Holly And The Ivy (C)
Old French
490Simple Carollers Are We (C)J. P. DouglasJ. B. Boucher
491The Angels Sing Around The Stall (C)
J. M. Haydn
492Moon Shines Bright, The (N. Y.)
493This Day Is Born Emmanuel (C)
M. Praetorius
494A Child This Day Is Born (C)TraditionalTraditional
495Away In A Manger (C)M. Luther [sic]J. E. Spilman
496In Bethlehem Of Judah (C)A. S. WoodsC. Simper
497In Dulci Jubilo (C)14th Century14th Cent. Melody; Harm. By R. L. De Pearsall
498Welcome Be Our Heavenly King (C)
Sir J. F. Bridge
499Listen, Lordlings, Unto Me (C)Rev. H. R. BramleyGascon; X6th Cent.

All My Heart This Night Rejoices (C)

Frolich Soll Mein Herse Springen

P. Gerhardt; Tr. By C. WinkworthF. C . Maker
501Gems And Flowers Of Rich Perfume (E)
C. S. Baker
502O Come On This Bright Easter Day (E)
Henry Smith
503Ring, Happy Bells Of Easter Time (E)Lucy LarcomIt. H. Pike
504As Mary Walked In The Garden Green (E)Rev. G. P. GrantnamRev. G. P. Grantban
505Lift Up, Ye Everlasting Doors (Asc.)
Rev. E. L. Hopklna
506Lord At First Did Adam Make, The (C)TraditionalWest Of England
507Once In Bethlehem Of Judah (C)Cecil F. AlexanderF. J. Dugard
508Christ Was Born on Christmas Day (C)
C. L. Williams
509God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (C)TraditionalL. H. Redner
510The Shepherds Had An Angel (C)C. G. RossettiF. L. Wiseman
511Come Ye, With Angels Sing (C)W. T. BrookeA. H. Brown
512In The Wintry Heaven (C & Ep.)Cho. By Rev. R. R. ChopeRev. R. F. Smith
513The Snow Lay On The Ground (C)Old EnglishItalian Melody; Harm. By S. P. Waddington
514Good Christians, Rise, This Is The Morn (C)
N.B. Warren
515The Snow Lay Deep Upon The Ground (C)TraditionalWest Of England
516Now We Bring Our Christmas Treasures (C)Maria H. BulfinchRev. A. T. Gurney
517A Virgin Most Blessed (C)

Far Be Sorrow, Tears, And Sighing (E)
Cedant Justi Signa Luctus

Unknown Date And Authorship; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
519Little Flowers Came From The Ground, The (E)Laura E. Richards And W. HawkinsC. L. Naylor

Angels Come, On Joyous Pinion (E)

Adeste, Coelitum Chori

N. Le Tourneaux: Tr. By Rev. I. Williams13th Century
521Harkl The Angels Bright Are Singing (E)M. F. CusackH. E. Button
522Morning Of Salvation, The (E)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantiones; Harm. By Rev. G. R. Woodward

Hear The Loving Easter Bells [Alternate: Easter Bells] (E)

H. G. FarmerR. H. Clouston, Jr.

Come With Us, Sweet Flowers (F. S.)

Nouel De Las Flous

525Voices Of Children In Gladness Greet (C. D.)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
526Around The Throne Of God A Band (C. D.)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. F. Peel
527Days Are Gliding Swiftly By, The (C. D.)Mrs. E. H. LelandJ. W. Tosh
528Flowers Of Earth Are Blooming, The (F. S.)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
529Thee We Praise, O God Of Harvest (H)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
530Song Of The Heavenly Harvest Home, The (H)Rev. S. Baring-GouldM. S. Skeffington
531He Saw The Wheat-Fields Waiting (H)H. E. NicholH. E. Nichol
532Once More The Joy Of Harvest (H)

533Fair Waved The Golden Corn (H)J. H. GurneyT. H. Spinney
534I Sing the Birth Was Born Tonight (C)Ben JonsonSir G. C. Martin

The Golden Carol [We Saw A Light Shine Out Afar] (C)

Traditional; Arr. By Sir J. Stainer
536Come And Hear The Grand Old Story (C)Rev. H. BonarS. B. Saxton
537Now Blazing Yule Logs Crown The Hearth (C)
N. B. Warren
538All Hail All Hail To The Natal Day (C)Rev. S. C. ClarkeE. H. Thorne
539When I View the Mother Holding (C)Tr. By Rev. H. R. BramleySir J. Barnby

Coventry Carol [Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child] (C)

"Coventry Mysteries"Harm. By Sir J. Stainer

As Jacob With Travel Was Weary One Day [Jacob's  Ladder] (C)

542Love Came Down At Christmas (C)C. G. RossettiJ. E. Borland
543Christ Was Born On Christmas Night (C)Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble

The Cornish Bells [O Merry Ring The Christmas Bells] (C)

Bishop C. W. StubbeT. T. Noble

Gloria In Excelsis [O Blessed Town Of Bethlehem] (C)

Bishop C. W. StubbsT. T. Noble
546Sing We Now Our Hymns Of Gladness (E)Rev. S. LongfellowP. L. Atherton

O Sons And Daughters, Let Us Sing (E)

O Filii Et Filiae, Rex Codestis, Rex Gloriae

17th Cent.; Tr. By Rev. J. M. NealeRev. J. S. B. Hodges
548This Is The Feast Day Of Our King (E)
Sir J. Stevenson
549Early Ere The Dawn Of The Morning (E)Rev. J. H. HopkinsRev. J. H. Hopkins
550God Is Gone Up (Asa)Rev. S. C. ClarkeA.H. Brown
551Go, Lovely Flowers To The Sick And The Sad (F. S.)
H. F. Nicholls
552We Bring Sweet Flowers And Garlands Gay (F. S.)
From Marschner
553Spring-Tide Hour, The (Spring) Rev. J. S. B. MonsellJ. Booth
554Heavenly Father, Send Thy Blessing (C. D.)Bishop Chr. WordsworthRev. F. Peel
555Song Of Spring Once More We Sing, A (F. S. Or C.D.)W. H. GroserJ. A. Benson
556Good Christian People All (C)Rev. E. HaskinsH. G. Trembath

The Worcestershire Christmas Carol [How Grand And How Bright] (C)

Rev. W. H. HavergalRev. W. H. Havergal
558The Shepherd's On Fair Bethlehem's Plain (C)E. G. SeldenG. E. Oliver

Christmas Bells [I Heard The Church Bells Ringing] (C)

Sydney CrossSydney Cross
560We Sing A Song Of Christmas-time (C)A. E. SmithSir A. Sullivan

Nowell! Nowell! Good News I Tell [Weihnacht Fliedlein](C)

Rev. G. R. WoodwardOld German; Harm. By J. S. Bach
562Shepherds Watching O'er The Plain (C)Mrs. A. GaskellE. Letoare

Joseph Was An Old Man - Sandys [The Cherry Tree Carol] (C)

564I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day (C)H. W. LongfellowA.H. Brewer
565A Babe Is Born All Of A Maid (C)15th CenturyTraditional; Har. By Sir J. Stainer
566In The Country Nigh To Bethlehem (C)K. BartlettG. Hine
567Christians, Listen, While We Sing (C)Rev. F. H. GroomeJ. Martin

Hark! The Herald Host Is Singing (Leise Weht's Dutch Alie Lande) (C)

Tr. By J. BernoffE. Humperdinck

The Kings (Die Konige) [Alternative: Three Kings Had Journeyed From Lands] (C)

P. Cornelius; Tr. By W. G. RotheryP. Cornelius
570Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices (C)Rev. J. CawoodC. W. Pearce
571Virgin-Born! We Bow Before Thee (C)Bishop R. HeberC. Gounod
572Come, Listen To The Story (C)Henry KnightRev. J. B. Powell
573Ring Out, O Bells! Your Peals Today (C)

574While Humble Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (C)N. TateG. W. Fink

When Jesus Christ Was Yet A Child [Alternate: The Crown Of Roses] (C)

Tr. Fr. RussianP. Tschaikowsky
576Once In Royal David's City (C)Cecil F. AlexanderH. J. Gauntlett
577Let Our Gladness Know No End (C)TraditionalOld Bohemian
578Carol, Christian Children (C)H. W. SelbyA. Moffat

Angels Above on Advent Morn [Alternate: The Christ-Child] (C)

P. Cornelius; Tr. By W. G. RotheryP. Cornelius

The Sleep Of The Infant Jesus [Alternate: 'Tween Ox And Ass In Humble Shed] (C)

Old French NoelF. A. Gevaert
581Over The Land In Glory (E)Rev. F. L. HosmerArthur Foote
582Fishers Sat Within Their Boat, The (E)
H. E. Nichol
583On Easter Morn Christ Rose Again (E)
584Through The Long Hidden Years (E)W. C. DixG. B. Lissant
585Joy Hath Come To Earth Again (W. S.)Rev. R. F. LittledaleFrom The Swiss; Harm. By E. Sedding
586From East And West (C. D.)A. E. CurtissJ. W. Tufts
587Summer Days Once More Are Coming (Spring)Tr. Fr. GermanMozart
588I Hear The Children's Voices (C. D.)Mrs. A. GaskellE. Letoare
589Sow Ye Beside All Waters (Spring)Mrs. A. ShiptonJ. M. Cramcat
590Joyous Song Once More We Bring, A (C. D.)W. H. GroserF. C. Maker
591Come, May, Thou Lovely Lingerer (May)Tr. Fr. GermanMozart
592Now The Year Is Crowned With Blessing (H)
A.M. Edwards
593Earth Below Is Teeming (H)Rev. J. S. B. MonsellA. W. Hamilton-Gell
594Corn Is Ripe For Reaping, The (H)Rev. C. A. GoodhartJ. Farmer
595Lord Of The Living Harvest (H)Rev. J. S. B. Monsell
596We Plough The Fields And Scatter (H)J. M. CampbellJ. A. P. Schulz
597Three Kings In Great Glory (C)Selwyn ImageMartin Shaw
598Ring On, Ye Joyous Christmas Bells (C)Rev. H. G. BattersonA.H. Brown
599O Little Town of Bethlehem (C)Bishop Phillips BrooksL. H. Redner
600O Sing A Song of Bethlehem (C)Rev. L. F. BensonSir J. Barnby
601The Shepherds Had An Angel (C)C. G. RossettiJ.C. Bridge
602Carol Sweetly Carol (C)Mrs. F. J. Van Alstyne (Fanny Crosby)E. Bunnett
603A Virgin Most Pure (C)TraditionalTraditional
604Whilst Bethlehem's Shepherds Kept Their Flocks (C)L. BainbridgeE. H. Smith

Christ, Hath Christ's Mother [Horninure Laudes] (C)

Lionel JohnsonMartin Shaw

The Angels Song [Alternate: Last Night As I Lay Sleeping] (C)

C. Vincent
607It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (C)Rev. E. H. SearsR. S. Willis
608On Bethlehem's Silent Plain (C)
M. Hornsbrook
609All Children Are On Christmas Eve (C)


When Christ Was Born of Mary Free [Christo Paremus Canticam, Excelsis Gloria] (C)

Harleian MSA. H. Brown
611In Sorrow And In Want (C)Rev. F. W. FarvarSir J. F. Bridge
612Calm On The Listening Ear of Night (C)Rev. E. H. SearsE. J. Hopkins
613Sing of Maiden Mary (C)Rev. F. G. LeeFrench Noel
614Let Us The Infant Greet (C)Rev. R. F. LittledaleSamuel Smith
615The Snow Lies Thick Upon The Earth (C)Selwyn ImageGeoffrey Shaw
616Three Kings Once Lived (C)Joseph BennettF. H. Cowen
617As With Gladness, Men of Old (C)W. C. DixH. W. Davies
618Christ Is Risen! Alleluia I (E)Rev. J. S. B. MonsellHenry Wilson
619Let The Merry Church Bells Ring (E)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantiones
620Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain (E)Greek, Tr. By Rev. J, M. NealeFlemish
621Easter Morn With Gladness Shine (E)
A. Ruhinstein
622Sweet And Dear The Birds Are Singing (E)
F. F. Bullard
623That Easter-Tide With Joy Was Bright (E)Rev. J. M. NealeOld Lowland Carol
624Soft Falls The Snow Upon The Ground (C)Julia GoddardA. H. Brown

Joseph And The Angel [Alternate: As Joseph Was A Walking] (C)

TraditionalR. R. Terry
626Christ Is Born! Christ Is Born! (C)TraditionalGeoffrey Shaw
627Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne (C)Emily E. S. ElliottRev. J. B. Powell
628There Came Three Sages From Afar (C)
Louis J. Garrett
629Glory To God In The Highest (C)Rev. W. J. IronsRev. R. F. Smith
630Come, Ye Christians All (C)J. T. LightwoodOld French
631What Good News The Angels Bring (C)MS. In British MuseumTraditional Rouen

From Heaven Above To Earth I Come [Von Himmel Hock Da Kommich Her] (C)

M. LutherM. Luther
633Here Is Joy For Every Age (C)Rev. J. M. NealePiae Cantjones
634Long Ago In Bethlehem (C)Evelyn BealeH. D. Wetton

The Blessed Birth [Alternative: That So Thy Blessed Birth, O Christ] (C)

G. WitherH. W. Davies
636All Hail To The Days (C)
Traditional17th Century
637Deep The Gloom And Still The Night (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. G. P. Grantham

Of The Father's Love Begotten [Corde Natus Ex Parentis] (C)

Prudentius, 4th Cent.; Tr. By Rev. J. M. Neale And Sir H. W. BakerFlemish Noel
639One Winters Night I Saw A Sight (C)TraditionalRev. L. J. T. Darwall
640Mountains, Bow Your Heads Majestic (C)Stoke-Upon-Tern Hymn BookW. H. Cummings
641I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In (C)TraditionalTraditional
642O Wonderful The Tidings (C)E. OxenfordE. Bunnett

The First Noel [Noel! Bom Is The King Of Israel](C)

TraditionalH. J. Gauntlett

Come, Shepherds, Come! Shake Off Your Sleep (Ikr Hitten Steket Alle Auf Von Eurem Tiefen Scldaf) (C)

645Jesus Christ Is Born Today (C)TraditionalHarm. By J. S. Bach

Wake All Music's Magic Powers [Alternative: Christmas Day] (C)

Tr. Fr. The Latin By Rev. H. R. BramleySir J. Stainer
647There Came Three Kings From Far Away (C)B. CranstonG. F. Hayward
648Saw You Never, In The Twilight? (C)Cecil F. AlexanderB. Tours
649When The Crimson Sun Had Set (C)Rev. G. P. GranthamRev. S. S. Greatheed
650Hark The Herald Angels Sing (C)Rev. C. WesleyMendelssohn
651Once In Bethlehem Of Judah (C)Cecil F. AlexanderC. V. Stanford
652In The Bleak Midwinter (C)C. G. RossettiT. B. Strong
653'Twas In the Winter Cold (C)Rev. J. C. BlackSir J. Barnby
654As With Gladness, Men of Old (C)W. C. DixC. Kocher

The Christmas Tree Is Sparkling (C)

W. G. RotheryP. Comelius

I Would Now Sing For And I Might [Alternate: The Three Kings] (C)

TraditionalH. Heale
657This Joyful Easter-Tide (E)"David's Psalmen""David's Psalmen"
658Oh, The Golden Glowing Morning (E)Rev. G. T. RiderG. F. Le Jeune
659It Was Early In The Morning (E)
C. J. Ridsdale
660On Wings Of Living Light (E)Bishop W. W. HowFrench Melody
661Golden Harps Are Sounding (Asc.)Frances R. HavergalSir A. Sullivan
662Let Music Break On This Blest Morn (C)Grace DickinsonJ. B. Calkin
663O Sing We A Carol (C)Rev. W. J. IronsA.H. Brown
664At Dead Of Night, When All Is Still (C)
E. J. Hopkins
665Let Heaven And Earth Rejoice And Sing (C)TraditionalOld Cornish
666O Lowly, Sacred Stable (C)Rev. B. C. RobertsA. S. Houghton
667Wake, My Heart, While Round Thee Swelling (C)Tr. Fr. P. GerhardtJ. Kruger
668Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallTrier Gesangbuch
669Here Is Joy For Every Age (C)Rev. J. M. NealeRev. T. Helmore

The Wassail Song [Here We Come A-Wassailing] (C)

671Good Tidings, Good Tidings (C)
G. E. Oliver
672The Joyful Morn in Breaking (C)
G. E. Oliver

Welcome Yule [Welcome Be Thou Heaven-King] (C)

Sloane MSFrom Deuteromelia
674We've Decked The Church With Ivy (C)
Rev. J. S. B. Hodges
675There Dwelt In Old Judea (C)
R. Jackson
676O Babe! In Manger Lying (C)W. C. DixSir J. Barnby
677What Tidings Bringest Thou (C)MS Of 15th CentJ. Dunstable
678When Christ Was Born In Bethlehem (C)Tr. Fr. NeapolitanW.F. Taylor

From Church To Church  [Congaudeat Turba Fidelium] (C)

MS. Of 11th Cent, Versified By Rev. J. M. NealeHypo-Dorian Mode; Harm. By Rev. G. H. Palmer
680From Heavenly Maid This Day Did Spring (C)“Songs Of Sundry Natures,” 1589W. Byrd
681Young And Old Must Raise The Lay (C)Rev. J. M. NealeM. Praetorius
682'Tis Christmas Now (C)“Playford’s Select Ayres And Dialogues”H. Lawes
683(I’ll Tell You) A Tale of the Olden Time (C)Rev. G. MoultrieB. W. J. Trevaldwyn And T. W. Staniforth
684Merry Christmas Bells Are Ringing (C)M. E. WaiteH. Kotzschmar

Came The Archangel To The Maid [Angelus Ad Virginem] (C)

Fr. Latin Of 15th Century13th Century
686Night Has Closed The Gates (C)Rev. J. B. PowellMarot's French Psalter, 1647

Three Kings' Song [Alternate: The Magi Came Out Of The Orient Land] (C)

Rev. S. Baring-GouldFrench Flanders

The Angel and the Shepherds [Awake, Ye Shepherds, Instantly] (C)

Rev. S. Baring-GouldFrench Flanders
689This New Christmas Carrol (C)Traditional
690The Old Year Away Is Fled (N. Y.)Ashmolean LibraryA.H. Brown
691Touching Grace, We Princes Three (C)Marbach Hymner, 12th Cent.Bohemian Brothers' Book, 1566

The Bethlehem Shepherd-Boys' Tale [So Happy All The Day] (C)

Rev. W. H. HavergalRev. W. H. Havergal
693Now To Bethlehem Haste We (C)C.F. HemamahRev. J. B. Dykes
694Day Of Wonder, Day Of Gladness (E)B. H. HallW. W. Rousseau
695Come Forth And Bring Your Garlands (E)Mrs. J. W. AndersonH. Kotzschmar
696Sing We Alleluia (E)
G. H. Westbury
697Alleluia! King Victorious (E)S.C. UmlaufS.C. Umlauf
698Easter Bells Are Ringing, The  (E)Margaret FordMrs. H. A. Faresworth
699Hail, All Hail, This Brightest Morning (E)Rev. S. C. ClarkeA. H. Brown
700Smile Praises, O Sky (E)

701Sleep Holy Babe (C)
Rev. E. CaswallW. Austin
702Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn (C)J. ByromJ. Wainwright
703Ring Out, Ye Merry Bells (C)Mrs. A. Gaskell
E. Lemare
704O Hark To The Bells' Glad Song (C)Fr. Latin Of 11th CenturyPiae Cantiones
705Remember, O Thou Man (C)"Mellismata," 1611T. Ravenscroft

The Story of the Shepherd [It Was The Very Noon Of Night] (C)

Tr. Fr. SpanishSir J. Barnby
707The Christmas Celebration [Now To God On High Be Glory] (C)J. H. Gurney E. Prout
708Unto Us Is Born A Son (C)Tr. Fr. LatinPiae Cantiones; Arr. By G. Shaw
709They Leave The Land of Gems and Gold (C)A. De VereOld French

A Boy Is Born in Bethlehem [Puer Natus In Bethlehem] (C)

Peter Of Nyland; Tr. By H. J. D. RyderGerman
711Good People, Give Ear (C)Rev. J. BarrubyRev. J. Swire
712It Is Christmas Day By The River (C)"Oyster Bay Carol"
713Shepherds Night Watch Keeping (C)M. E. BrowneC. E. Deftell
714All Hail Ye Merry Folk Today (C)H. G. RosedaleG. F. Terry
715Today Doth Blossom Jesse's Stem (C)Rev. G. R. WoodwardE. J. Hopkins
716'Twas A Starry Night Of Old (C)Jane E. LeesonC. L. Naylor
717Awake, Arise Good Christians (C)"Parish Visitor"F. Schilling

Benedicamus Domino [What Time I Kept My Sheep In Fold] (C)

Tr. Fr. GermanC. Vincent
719Sleep Holy Babe (C)Rev. E. CaswallAncient Melody

The Child Jesus In The Garden [Cold Was The Day] (C)

Sir J. StainerSir J. Stainer

Now Sing We All Full Sweetly [Chantons! Je Vous En Prie] (C)

L. Le MoignePoitou
722God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (C)TraditionalTraditional
723God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (C)TraditionalTraditional
724God Give Ye Merry Christmas Tide (C)Old EnglishTraditional
725From The Eastern Mountains (Ep)Rev. G. ThringG.B. Lissant

Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep [Chantons! Bargies, Houe, Noue] (C)

BesanconBesancon; Harm. By Sir J. Stainer

The Shepherds (Die Herten) [Alternate: Shepherds Watching Their Sheep] (C)

P. Cornelius; Tr. By W. G. RotheryP. Cornelius
728O Haste, The Blessed Babe Is Born (C)
E. Handley
729Now, Prithee, Minstrel, Tell To Me (C)E. Mabel DawsonA. H. Brown

Would'st Thou Magnify The Story [Alle, Die Ihr Gott Zu Ehren] (C)

Tr. Fr. P. GerhardtJ. E. Ebeling

To Us Is Born A Little Child [Geborn Ist Uns Ein Kinderldn] (C)

Koln Gesangbuch15th Century Melody

There Comes A Galley, Laden [Es Komt Ein Schiff Geladen] (C)

Tr. Fr. J. Taulet (Ab. 1340)Catholick Gesangbuch

Whom Of Old The Shepherds Praised [Ouem Pastores Laudavere]  (C)

Traditional14th Century Melody
734Blessed Be That Maid Marie (C)Old EnglishMelody Fr. "Ballet's Lute Book"; Harm. By C. Wood

The Good Men All Of Chastres [Les Bourgeois De Chastres] (C)

TraditionalArpajon Carol, 16th Cent

Cradled All Lowly [Alternative: Bethlehem] (C)

H. FarnieC. Gounod

The Crib And The Cross [Where Shall The Prince Of Peace Be Born] (C)

Ben C. BoulterBertha C. Boulter

O Come, All Ye Faithful [Adeste Fideles] (C)

Tr. By Rev. F. Oakeley"Cantus Diversi," J. H. Ward
739Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning (Ep.)Bishop R. HeberJ.P. Harding

Nazareth [Though Poor Be The Chamber] (C)

H. F. ChorieyC. Gounod

O Holy Night  [Noel](C)

J. S. DwightA. Adam
742In Dulci Jubilo (C)TraditionalR. L. De Pearsall

The Angels and the Shepherds [Now Rise Up, Ye Shepherds] (C)

"Towneley Mysteries"E. H. Thorne
744The Manger Throne [Also: Like Silver Lamps In A Distant Shrine] (C)W. C. DixSir J. Barnby
745O Lovely Voices Of The Sky (C)Fellcia HemausOliver King
746Haut, Haut, Peyrot (C)
Haut, Haut, Peyrot (Sheet Music)
Andichon“Melodies Bearnaises
747Qui Creavit Coelum, Lully, Lully, Lu (C)“Chester Arch. Journal”“Chester Mysteries”
748In Natali Domini (C)
In natali Domini (Sheet Music)
Traditional“Nurnberger Gesangbuch”
749Jure Plaudunt Omnia (C)
Jure Plaudunt Omnia (Sheet Music)

H. Verdussen
750De Drie Koningen (C)
De Drie Koningen (Sheet Music)

“Chants Populaires Flamands”
751Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (C)
Bartholomaeus Gesius

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