The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

The Child Jesus

A Service of Sacred Song
Illustrating the
Birth and Early Years of our Lord

Arranged by the
Rev. Charles L. Hutchins
(Medford, MA: Charles L. Hutchins, prior to 1892)

Note From Rev. Hutchins:

"The purpose of this Service is to aid in fixing in the minds of children the Scripture narrative of the birth and early life of our Saviour.

"In rendering the Service, the selections from the Scriptures are to be read by the clergyman, superintendent, or other appointed person; and the music is to be sung by the Sunday-school, assisted as far as may be by the church choir, and a pipe or reed organ.

"All should be done in a devotional spirit; and the Service should be opened and closed with prayer."

The Child Jesus


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The service is dated from an advertisement in the back of the 1892 edition of Hutchins' The Sunday-School Hymnal and Service Book. Seven services were listed including two for Christmas, two for Easter, and one each for Lent, Thanksgiving/Harvest, and "For General Use." In his long and distinguished career, Rev. Hutchins was the editor of numerous hymnals and service books, including Carols Old and Carols New.

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